Previous Fullerton Art Walk: October 7, 2011

You know the Fullerton art walk was a great success when you show up and can’t find parking anywhere. Last Friday, October 7th, Downtown Fullerton acclaimed local artists in several cafes, clothing stores and studio’s for the monthly art walk. Fullerton celebrated the artwork of several gifted artists and our encouraging community showed their support to these accomplished artists.

The streets come to life as you watch the traveling crowd walk from exhibit to exhibit. A number of diverse artists display their stimulating work with engaging themes and vibrant colors. There were several open receptions inviting guests to participate and observe the beautiful work. 

There’s a sense of surrealism in Rene’ Cardona’s work when you see how soft he blends in the colors. The background landscape has a tendency of following Salvador Dali’s famous negative spacial skies and distant terrain features. Other works that emphasizes on the bodily “waves” and attributes entwine you with the psychedelic strokes of color and contour lines. Cardona’s work is heavy with mysterious characteristics like the contrasting colors of blues and reds in one painting. The beautiful paint strokes really add the majestic tones and slow motion appearance which allow the viewer to admire it closely.(Photo Courtesy: Corky Nepomuceno of Fullerton Foundry)

Mikhail Barrett’s work distinctly publicized urban art, accenting street art with a modern twist of brilliant colors and creativity. For instance, the characters on his 3 skateboards piece resemble the essence of the French graffiti artist, Andre, “Monsieur A.” Yet, Mikhail’s art has a discrete focus on every piece and he includes pieces that reveal his versatile talent. 

Priscilla Moreno, shared artwork that embraced the current holiday season, Halloween! Her pieces mostly consisted of unusual characters drawn with ink and each express an idea, or feeling. Tim Burton is a great inspiration to her recent exhibit for the art walk which was very appropriate for the season and the blood orange walls they hung on was a perfect combination! Walking by her pieces made me feel like I was entering the hallway of an eerie home.

“We Are Rodents,” presented a combination of eye-catching composition. They had a very cartoon-esque nature to their quality. As soon as I saw the pieces, I was immediately reminded of the cartoon show, “Adventure Time.” Their work appears simple however, the talent is shown through the clean look. The perfection is there. The lines are flawless and the bright colors catch your attention instantly. 

Max Neutra unleashes his work that has a great edgy mood. The jagged scratches that sketch out the lips or faces on his works adds a vicious feel to his work. The cover image for his “Feast” theme exhibit seems to display very bold, anxious feelings. I loved the face interrupting the image, it reminded me of the face on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Neutra works really well with the black and white images and adds the perfect bold touch with red to bring out it’s main focus.(Photo courtesy: PAS Gallery)

Apart from these innovative, experimental artists, there were a number of other fearless artists sharing their expressions to our supportive community all through the downtown area.  Make sure you check out all cafes and lounges to see these artists inviting you to view their world through their lenses.

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