"The Wrong Child": M Bryan's Egan Gallery Premiere

Exploring Femininity Through The Art Of Painted Nudes (NSFW).

"Honestly, I love being a girl and everything about being feminine," says Ms. Bryan when I asked why she enjoys painting nudes. "If there were ever a possibility to live life previous to this one, I know I was never a man. I love everything about being a woman." And this translates in her figurative nudes which she so sweetly paints.  She loves color and flowers, textures and layers.  Her nude series is not about nakedness at all, It's about being exposed through the state of vulnerability. Her work is soft and sugary, sweet and simple but to those who pay close attention will find images in some of the paintings, almost hidden from view, which tell us that there is more going on than the beauty of her subjects. Stephen Baxter booked her first solo show at his gallery, the famed Egan.

M. Bryan’s debut solo exhibition will be at the December 6th's Downtown Fullerton Art Walk and again at the closing reception on Saturday December 21st. Come see her work on December 6th at The Egan Gallery located within the Magoski Arts colony.  When I said I wanted a photo of her to be published M. Bryan declined saying , " It should not be about me and who I am, this needs to be about the art,  let the art speak for itself. "
Additionally, M. Bryan will be showing poetry and collage work across the hall that same night at Jesse La Tour's Book Machine.
The Egan Gallery @ Magoski Arts Colony
223/225 West Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Fullerton, California 92832
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