7 Fullerton Residents Registered In 2013 Boston Marathon

Whereabouts Unknown During Bombing Aftermath

Around 2:50 PM ET, during Boston Marathon's annual event, two bombs were detonated near the finish line at Copley Square in downtown Boston. Current suspects are unknown, while casualty figures listed by The Guardian report 3 deaths and over 100 injuries.

According to Boston Marathon's site, seven participants from the city of Fullerton were registered in this years race out of 24,662 runners:

Lorraine Gersitz, 58, Female
Vincent M. Han, 49, Male
Yoon Ja Je, 61, Female
Adan Ortega, Jr., 50, Male (safety confirmed)
Helen Park, 66, Female
Dawn N. Vonderheide, 58, Female 
Steve F. Wright, 61, Male (safety confirmed)

Current whereabouts have not been confirmed, but we encourage anybody with information to email news@thefullertonian.com

Listing provided by Ed Carrasco. 

Update 7:37 PM PST

  • A Facebook post belonging to Dawn Vonderheide reports that she and her family are safe. She was .3 miles from the finishline when it happened. However, this may be a different Dawn Vonderheide, as her page states that she resides in Newport Beach. Info from Chris Thompson.
  • Resident Terry Barr reports that, "Steve Wright is safe and rad".
  • Linda Whitaker via FB and Linda R. via email report that Adan Ortega cancelled his trip to Boston and is safe.

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