Ben Lira Speaks Publicly Against Dan Hughes Appointment During City Council

Dan Hughes Still Appointed Unanimously As Official Chief

Former Fullerton Officer Benjamin Lira was the first to make a public comment on January 16th the night of Dan Hughes contractual confirmation to Chief of Police. Driving in from out of state to make an appearance during the meeting, Lira was accompanied by three large gentlemen who provided security in the council chambers, while a driver waited nearby at an undisclosed location. The following is a transcription from Benjamin Lira's speech at Fullerton's City Council Meeting on January 15th, 2013. Speaker times were limited to two minutes, rather than the standard three minutes typically given to all speakers at council meetings. 

"My name is Benjamin Lira and thankfully after 17.5 years my employment with the Police Department has ended. I'm the one who drafted an email soliciting bail funds, and you would of too, for a friend after hearing all the lies and cover ups perpetrated by Acting Chief Hughes. I would like to apologize to the Citizens of Fullerton for not speaking sooner but the City Manager and Acting Chief paid me to stay home and keep quiet, and I followed orders.
Hearing Lt. Mike Chebloski at the last city council meeting say 200 plus employees at the police department back Acting Chief Dan Hughes is a lie and it comes from a person just promoted to Lieutenant. I think it's ironic the person praising Acting Captain Dan Hughes is the same person I reported would take supervisors home in police cars after they left their shifts early for a night of drinking while still being paid with your tax dollars.
What was once a childhood dream to become a police officer has now become a nightmare as an adult. I chose this profession to combat corruption, not work for it. I apologize in advance for airing the PD's dirty laundry but the 19  complaints I've made in the past have gone unanswered.
Nineteen Complaints.
Acting Chief is an appropriate title for Dan Hughes because he's doing a lot of acting. He's lied to his coworkers, he's lied to the city, he's lied to the public and he's lied to Ron Thomas and his team of attorneys.
Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on we can all agree the previous chief failed in his duties as a leader. What you don't know is the new command staff now is from the same schooling. So as you move forward with what you think is a new command staff it's really the old command staff reincarnated.
Hughes lied about every aspect of July 5th, starting with who was in charge and what orders Hughes gave that the officers involved eventually followed. Acting Chief Hughes refused the officers any legal counsel and eventually turned his back on all the officers after continuously telling them they did nothing wrong.
Currently the city is being sued by a citizen named Andrew Clarke, an arrestee who claims to have been assaulted by Police while in custody. What the public doesn't know is Acting Chief Hughes initiated this contact and later lied about his involvement by not documenting his use of force and failing to activate his digital audio recorder, thus leaving no record of his involvement. Acting Chief Hughes lied on the Mam case also. Hughes himself handled the investigation and later removed himself and had another Sgt. do all the interviews. Your mismanagement caused the one year statue to pass and therefore no one received discipline.
Shame on you for agreeing to do an interview with the media saying, "you're on the DA's team" in exchange for the DA not filing charges on Craig, Blatney and Hampton so they could return to work.
You're supposed to be the leader of this department but instead you're the leader of its corruption. You and your hand picked management team need to step down so real leaders can come forth and restore the good name of the city of Fullerton.
Some of you may not believe me, but I dare ALL OF YOU to prove me wrong.
Lastly, my Grandma used to have a word to describe people like you, and it's Mentiroso (liar)."
Following Lira's speech he gave an open interview to members of regional press affiliates on several issues including the 19 nineteen department complaints which he claims went missing from the department's records. Lira stated that he had all of the complaints that went missing, but that he was not ready to divulge that information to the media.

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