Three Suspects Caught, Two Sought At CSUF

Five Suspects Flee From A Jewelry Store Robbery And Wind Up At CSUF.

In the most recent reports from NBC News an alleged robbery of a jewelry store that originated in Moreno Valley has led to a high speed pursuit of a group of suspects that fled on foot through CSUF Campus.

One suspect hijacked a car off Nutwood and continued a pursuit through Compton until he abondoned the car in Watts. Police apprehended the suspect shortly after in a baseball field at Imperial Courts Recreation Center.

According to Sgt Jeff Stuart of the Fullerton Police Department, over 60 officers from departments throughout North Orange County and Riverside are currently at CSUF campus where Police believe a suspect is held up in Mihaylo Hall. One Suspect was apprehended at Nutwood Ave. and another is possibly in custody, although it has not yet been confirmed.

Daily Titan reported that officers arrived on campus at 3:50 PM. CSUF is currently on a modified lockdown where those on the campus are asked to evacuate immediately while students and faculty within classrooms are asked to remain inside with their doors locked until further notice. Troy High School is also currently under lockdown.

Update 5:40 PM

ABC Live Feed:

Update 6:03 PM

3 suspects are confirmed in custody. The jewelry store clerk in moreno valley had been shot and his current condition is unknown. Officers are looking for suspects both identified as black males. We highly recommend avoiding the 57 freeway if possible, as traffic is heavy.

Update 6:22 PM

Officers are currently conducting a room to room search of the Mihaylo Hall. After conducting a search it will be up to the officers involved whether students will be safe to evacuate the campus. A student reported to ABC News that makeshift bathrooms are being made out of trashcans. The student stated, "What happens in the classroom stays in the classroom."

Update 6:47 PM

Chief Communications Officer Jeff Cook has briefed the media that the College Park building has been lifted from the lockdown and evacuated. He stated that the primary concern is the safety of it's students and employees. Students are being notified via CSUF's webpage, emergency response system, and multiple social media platforms.

Update 6:55 PM

A Reddit post via zedruminator stated events at the time suspects arrived on campus

"I was in Mihaylo when it happened. The fire alarm got pulled and thats why everyone started evacuating (normally in this kind of situation everyone would be told to shelter in place immediately, not evacuate). My guess is the suspect pulled the fire alarm so he could blend into the crowd and is long gone by now."

Reddit Feed:

Update 7:31 PM

CSUF Student Karina Lynn Kho Barricaded her door with a couch:

CSUF Student Sam A (Twitter @PaliCali48) Posted the photo below with the following caption, "Police told staff to move out as they enter Comm Dept, say there is "unknown situation" on 6th floor".

Photo was taken 2 hours ago

Update 7:48 PM

A few bored CSUF students with WiFi access have started to create memes based off of the suspect photos taken today. 

Update 8:20 PM

In a possibly unrelated story, Twitter users have pointed out a profile belonging to Marquise Fivestar (@FiveStartheG) who claims to be tweeting while police are actively searching for him. He reported himself to be wearing a CSUF sweatshirt and was frequently messaging DeMarco Sparks (@MardyBlueDot) for a pickup to flee the scene. He reported himself to be standing by a tree, and earlier tweeted to be behind the library. Meanwhile, students remain in lockdown for nearly five hours at what could be a possible prank.

Fivestar reported this quote 15 minutes earlier, "I have been here planning the whole time don't you think I want to go home too? But I'm never going to jail".

Commentators on twitter appear to both praise and condemn the actions taken by the self-declared suspect.

Update 8:38 PM

DeMarco Sparks told Marquis Fivestar via Twitter to meet him at their originally planned spot for pickup. Fivestar replied that he would contact Sparks via payphone. Good luck finding one of those!

Update 8:49 PM

Sparks replied to Fivestar saying not to call him out of fear that his phone is currently being monitored by law enforcement officials. It could be possible that Fivestar is using the lockdown event as a way to self-promote his musical endevours without being the suspect.

Update 9:30 PM 

Through a little cyber-sluething I've attempted to cross reference profiles on Facebook and Twitter. DeMarco Sparks got a hit through facebook and listed under the facebook profile a man named Marquise Cormier is listed as Sparks's cousin. On Cormier's Facebook profile there is possible evidence linking Marquise Cormier's FB profile to the Twitter account of Marquise Fivestar who claims to be the suspect currently attempting to flee CSUF during lockdown.

The first piece of evidence that links Cormier's FB profile to Marquise Fivestar's Twitter account is a photo of Marquise Cormier wearing a beanie with "Five" and a star symbol. Text was placed in the photo written, "Five$tar".

The second piece of possible evidence on Cormier's FB page is a recent like to a track entitled, Drug Dealer Story, by Marquise Fivestar. During the police search Marquise Fivestar tweeted to check out the same track during lockdown.

Update 10:21 PM

DeMarco Sparks has since deleted his Twitter account. However Fivestar claims that the whole thing was a hoax, and a friend chimed in how racist people were to believe that he could have actually done it. Whether it's true or not, at least 500 more people have signed on to follow his tweets.

Two suspects are still being searched for. Fullerton PD Public Information Officer Jeff Stuart could not be contacted for comment.

Update 11:07 PM

CSUF has tweeted that Police are beginning to clear out building occupants. Students and faculty are instructed to remain in place until instructed by police or audio announcement.

LA Times Reports that the Jewelry store clerk at Empire Jewelry and Loan who was shot during the robbery is in stable, but critical condition.

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