Poem Stories: The War of the Soul by Dan Joyce

I had the opportunity of getting an advance copy of Dan Jocye's latest publication titled The War of the Soul. This book was originally composed as a series of poems created as therapy during a difficult time occupying a mental hospital. The book appears religious at first glance, because there are 150 psalms printed inside. For those of you who are not the religious type I encourage you to look deeper as the psalms help to provide context to the epic which Joyce describes as Poemstories. 

The poems are intended to tell a story of torment and confusion. A man faced with a dwindling sense of reality finds himself challenged by an opposing force called the Other. Almost every poem contains a corresponding psalm. Aside from writings in the hospital, a book of psalms was the only other companion to Joyce's poems. The composition adds ideals that are somewhat dark and revealing. What I like about this book is that it can be enjoyed on different levels. Although the poems string to tell a story they can be understood alone, allowing an easy read. The 200 ink wash illustrations allow to view this as an art book as well. The War of the Soul is available for purchase at Bookmachine, 223 W Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton CA 92832.
Dan's link http://www.danjoyce.com/
Book info: 442 pages Black and white interior
Article by D. Castr
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