Uh-oh Records Interview With Damion Lane

An independent label's stance on old gear, new music, and the town they live in.

Have you been keeping an eye out for some independent record labels in Fullerton? Music fanatics have been building a community by taking every aspect of the music industry and finding ways to do it themselves. Johnpaul Milligan (shown left) and Damion Lane (shown right) joined that group when they decided to venture into building a label of their own. Uh-oh! Records has been producing music ranging from the blues twang of Scott Alvarado to the funk-infused rock of Chieftain, but the label promotes a genre of its own. These bands are tied to Fullerton, and although the name sounds like an accident, everything produced through Uh-oh! Records is being done with a purpose as its ideals are explained by co-founder Damion Lane.

How long have you been producing music? What kind of gear/software do you use?

We have been producing music for... wait, what time is it? The truth is, we set this thing up as a home studio to record myself as the musician and Johnpaul Milligan as the guy giving my music an "environment." That is exactly how we described it. JP had engineered industrial, electronic music so he had insight into the hardware and software which we'd be using. But we actually started producing music for other artists about three and a half months ago.

We use different equipment for various scenarios. For the most part we run a Windows based system with Avid hardware and Sony software. This can change though, and sometimes we'll throw an old-school, vintage mixing board into it for a decidedly warm or live sound.

When did you decide to set up the label, and what kind of bands/musicians do you guys like to work with?

We set the record label in motion approximately four months ago. At that point in time we were still unaware of what that truly meant or entailed. I mean, we knew it would be harder than it looked, but we were determined to do it. We wrestled with the idea of being just a recording studio. But that wasn't enough. We contemplated several avenues and business models, and decided that the only one that would work (or the only one that was worth a damn) was the production of good, pure, raw, unadulterated music. Music that wasn't changed by the industry standards, which have let all of us down. So, we decided to 'keep it simple, stupid.' Uh-oh! Records is all about making good music, producing good music, working good music, without marketing analysis or economic prejudice; and to make matters worse and multiply the sadness of this consideration....we are prepared to go broke trying.

Scott Alvarado Pluckin At The Grave

What bands are you currently working with, and where can our viewers hear some of their music?
We took a long, hard look at the music industry and realized that our values were diametrically opposed. Don't get me wrong...we wanted to create a successful business, but we also knew that we wanted to make a change. We wanted to offer others with the talent and ability a chance at making their music without the crude restrictions and suppositions that are driving the industry backwards. It is brimming with greed, plasticity, and mindless regurgitation. That's when we came up with the mission statement summary: SUI GENERIS. It is a Latin term that literally translated means, ‘of its own kind.’ We do not want to promote, continue or encourage the cookie-cutter ideals of the majority, or the economic treaties' of sales equals good music. We do want originality, and heartfelt honesty. We want the curious and the deliberate.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Fullerton?
In regards to the music scene in Fullerton, I am dismally dismayed, yet hopeful. I can tell you that I don't believe we need anymore SLIDEBARS or Jeremy Popoff re-runs. We need to dig deeper. We need to be REAL. We need to write REAL songs, with REAL lyrics, that move REAL people to make REAL changes in their lives. Thankfully, we have a handful of musicians who know the difference, like Susan Sinner, James Blake, Rick Graham, and Mike Meza. These Fullertonians struggle daily with the fight to reinvigorate the Fullerton music scene, the fight to reinvent and rediscover our most precious artistic resource...THE MUSIC. We need to listen. We need to support independent music and buy it if we like it. We need to strive for quality and open venues in Fullerton that do not rely on alcohol sales to determine our musical tastes. And we, as musicians, need to play the music, tell the story over and over again with the frantic awareness of a lover whose muse is leaving, as if the story -- the song -- can keep the passion alive until help arrives. We need a change.

Most Recent & Upcoming work
Uh-oh! Records released Scott Alvarado’s EP: Black River Mountain on 9/8/12.

Fullerton-based rockers Chieftain, are being worked with continuously as far as promotions, marketing and exposure. The label is currently awaiting word on whether or not the label will be facilitating the completion of their new music video.

Uh-oh! Records is currently preparing for the arrival of SAIL HATIN (Malcolm Bennett, Spencer O'Hara, and newly inducted bass player, Mike Meza) who will be recording in the Uh-oh! studios come the beginning of October.

Sail Hatin Demo Tracks

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