Council Candidate Statements: 2012

Reason & Rhetoric From Council Candidates in 2012

The city clerk has released statements for candidates listed in the 2012 election. We've compiled these statements onto one page for easy reading rather than digging through dozens of pages to find out about these candidates.

We urge our readers to look past the rhetoric and to look at how much logic and reason is used in each candidate's argument. Have they explained clear plans on specific issues, or do they simply rely on the statements like how much they love Fullerton? We've only compiled the statements, so it's up to individual readers to filter out the BS. Where do these candidates stand on the issues? Please comment below our post to have your voice heard on the topics.

Barry Levinson
Auditor/Parks Commissioner

I am running to help our city recover from the effects of years of cronyism and lack of accountabillity. The mandate the voters gave in June must continue.

I am the only candidate running who: 

  • actively supported the Recall and received the highest vote tally of any runner-up in all 3 races;
  • has a verifiable record of attending almost every City Council meeting the past three years;
  • has a consistent record of challenging the City Council on decisions that were not in the best interest of the voters.

My MBA degree and my auditing experience make me uniquely qualified to navigate us out of the financial crisis we are in. I will fight for real reform that is fair and reasonable for all sides. As your elected Council member I will always represent the residents of Fullerton above all else.

I successfully spearheaded the effort to get Fullerton Ordinance No. 3149 passed to protect our children from dangerous sexual predators. As Parks Commissioner I helped to reopen the skate park at Independence Park this past summer. Let me continue to serve this community as your next council member.



Vivian "Kitty" Jaramillo
Retired Preservation Inspector

I was born and raised in Fullerton, and married my husband Jimmie 39 years ago. We are both graduates of Fullerton High School as are our children, Antonio and Sunnie. I worked in municipal government for 30 years in Santa Ana and Fullerton. I also worked 7 years in the private sector which has given me insight into the realities of both the private and public sectors. Most of my career has been in Community Preservation, but a significant part was in Law Enforcement. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from these different positions. I have worked constructively and have fought City Hall from the inside as well as outside and know how cities work and what must be done to meet the challenges we face.

I will work hard for our residents and community and especially for those with little influence in City Hall, to achieve accountabillity, transparency, equality and justice. Our city needs stabillity, trust and to rebuild a foundation for all. I want to make Fullerton a better place for our families to live and work and for our business community to thrive. If elected, I will listen to you and be your dedicated servant.

Facebook: Kitty Jaramillo for Council 2012


Bruce Whitaker
Council Member

Events of the past year-and-a-half awakened Fullertonians to the constant need for responsive, competent, ethical and accountable leadership in city government.

As your representative on the Fullerton City Council, I've led the way toward increased transparency; compassionate yet straightforward communication; holding public employees accountable and expecting from them a high degree of integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Accomplishments include initiation of necessary reforms in our police department; budgeted funds to keep the Hunt Library open; repealed illegal 10% tax on water, a 2.5$ million annual savings for ratepayers; reopened the Skate Park; support establishment of a County year-round regional homeless shelter; approved and supported bicycle trails and bicycle trails and bicycle commuter connectivity; approval of Fullerton/Brea Fire Department cost savings plan.

Much is yet to be done. Our infrastructure has been neglected for too long. I pledge to increase funding from existing revenues to accelerate plans for street reconstruction with coordination of water main and sewer replacements. An abundant supply of clean, safe and secure parks, sports fields and public common spaces are essential priorities.



Jane Rands
Systems Engineer

I earned my AS from Fullerton college and my BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona. I am the Chair of the city's Bicycle Users Subcommittee.

I value the potential we have to preserve open space for future generations. I do not accept as a trade-off building 760 homes in exchange for putting a parking lot and a structure on the Fullerton-owned Bob Ward Nature Preserve. I will work to find ways to purchase and preserve Coyote Hills.

I value the arts and the history of Fullerton. I am a supporter of the Fullerton Museum, the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, the Downtown Art Walk, Fullerton Beautiful, Fullerton Heritage, and Friends of the Fullerton Arboretum. I will respect historic resources when considering new development.

I value Fullerton's small businesses. I support measured growth that doesn't push out opportunities for locally owned businesses and retaining zoning for industrial uses. They provide jobs.

I will continue to advocate for civillian police oversight to protect civil rights, prevent costly lawsuits, and restore confidence in our police.

I shall work for a budget that prioritizes keeping libraries open, repairing infrastructure such as the water delivery system and streets, and maintaining safety.



Don Bankhead
Retired Police Chief

Fullerton is where I bought my first home and raised my family. I served as a Police Officer and Captain, supported our schools, civic organizations and neighborhoods. You elected me to the City Council because you trusted me to do what is in the best interest of Fullerton.

You can still count on me to do everything possible to keep our great city safe and economically strong. During my council service, we have maintained high performance levels and stong financial reserves. We brought about real pension reform and increased transparency.

We have cut regulations and recruited new businesses. Our award-winning downtown and transportation center are models for other cities throughout California.

I will continue to support education, library services, youth services and cultural events that help make Fullerton a great city.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's in Public Administration, I have the skills needed for the changes we face. My record demonstrates a commitment to an efficient, well managed government.

Hundreds of local leaders and neighbors have endorsed me. I ask for your continued support and your vote on November 6th.



Travis Kiger
Fullerton Council Member

Fullerton deserves accountable leaders who will fight for all of our citizens. As your Fullerton City Council Member, I have been pursuing serious reform within city hall to benefit all residents. As a husband, a father and a native of Fullerton, I am passionate about the future of our city.

My commitment to the taxpayers of Fullerton has earned the endorsements of State Assemblyman Chris Norby, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, and Fullerton Council Member Bruce Whitaker. I will continue to always put the taxpayers' interst first.

Within a day of taking office, I ended the illegal water tax which had unfairly burdened Fullerton residents for the past 15 years.

I have also spearheaded a strategy to address Fullerton's extraordinary pension debt. I promise to stand up against self-serving special interest groups and public employee unions that have left Fullerton's families with these massive financial obligations.

I will continue to work to restore honor, integrity, and accountabillity to the Fullerton Police Department through strong leadership and civilian oversight.

These are my promises to you. I appreciate your vote.



Jennifer Fitzgerald
Fullerton Business Owner

I'm Jennifer Fitzgerald. I'm running for Fullerton City Council.

I love Fullerton. Our community is filled with active, concerned neighbors and families. We value our city because it's the best place to live, work, play, and raise our children.

We currently face critical issues. We need strong, principled leadership to create a stronger Fullerton. I will strive to make our city government transparent, strengthen term limits and reform public employee pensions.

Local elected officials shouldn't get paid for their public service. As your councilmember, I will not accept taxpayer-funded pay and benefits.

I pledge to focus city government on its core responsibilities: respecting property rights, promoting a business-friendly environment, improving our streets, parks and libraries, and ensuring we are safe in our homes, neighborhoods and streets. I will work to increase resources devoted to these core services while reducing the share of our budget claimed by pensions and benefits.

I'm endorsed by Supervisor Shawn Nelson and many local leaders because they know I will work to build a strong and transparent Fullerton, a community of engaged citizens and responsive government. I would be honored to earn your vote for city council on November 6th.



Rick Alvarez
Business Owner/ Planning Commissioner

I have been a resident of Fullerton for 27 years. During those years my wife, our children and I have enjoyed the many benefits of living in such a great city.

Entering this race has the sole purpose of ensuring that Fullerton continues to be a great city in which to live, work and play. We have so many assets. First among those assets are great schools and people. The city will endure and prosper if we continue to provide an environment where all can flourish.

If the people of Fullerton give me the opportunity to serve them on the city council, I will apply the same skills that I have learned over the years in the corporate world, in self-employment and what I call the University of Life to solve the problems which we are now facing.

Diligence and humility will characterize my work for the City in forging new ways of accomplishing fiscal goals while maintaining the highest and most professional level of service to the citizens.

I believe that with right conservative leadership, discipline, transparency, and fiscal responsibillity, even better days for Fullerton are ahead of us.



Jan Flory
Family Law Attorney

Our city has been turned inside out by the tragic beating death of a defenseless homeless man by city police. There are some who are using this inexusable event to justify disbanding our police department and dismantling city government as we know it. I am not one of those people. I believe the recommendations of the Task Force on Homelessness and Mental Health Service should be implemented immediately. Transparency, accountabillity, and pension reform must be addressed.

I served on the city council for eight years after another divisive recall. The effects of that recall were felt for years after. I know from personal experience that in order for the city to heal and get past this horrific experience, we need a steady hand at the wheel, not one driven by ideology or hidden agendas.

My family and I moved to Fullerton in 1970. All four of us are graduates of CSUF. I have practiced family law in Fullerton for the past 26 years. I know and love this town that has been so good to us.

A vote for me will be a vote to restore order and common sense to Fullerton.



Brian Bartholomew
Small Business Owner

I am a small business owner who believes in fiscal responsibillity and conservative leadership.

We must find a way to address the city's issues with public employee unions in regards to pensions and pay, and find a way to help improve the services that these sectors provide. Both the residents of Fullerton and the employees of the city should enjoy the benefits of all that our city has to offer.

We must continue to improve upon our education system so that residents have access to the best education options in Southern California.

We must continue to offer the best police and fire protection to keep our city safe. At the same time, this protection must come at a cost that is affordable to us.

We must improve our streets and infrastructure and find the funds to do so. This would mean a diligent look into the city's expenditures and eliminating those projects that are wasteful and a burden to our city.

Fullerton has been home to my family for over 10 years and I love Fullerton. As a council member, I will welcome open discussion and discourse and hope that we can continue on a path towards prosperity.


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