City Releases Kelly Thomas 911 Call

Slidebar call claims Kelly was in fact checking car door handles.

Slidebar manager Jeanette DeMarco indeed claimed that Kelly Thomas was checking car door handles in the 911 audio recording released by the City of Fullerton. Although DeMarco's name has been striken from the recording in order provide safety, she has already received official exposure to blame when former Slidebar Bouncer Michael Reeves filed a lawsuit against his previous employeer. Reeves claimed that the phone call DeMarco made to the police was "blatantly false."

"I have a creepy homeless guy that looks like Jesus, his name's Kelly, roaming the parking lot looking in cars and checking handles, again [...] Years ago he used to walk around with a hatchet," DeMarco stated in the recording.

According to the OCRegister, Superior Court Judge Patrick Donahue denied a request from District Attorney Tony Rackaukas to keep the recording from going public. Rackaukas stated that DeMarco's safety is in question as she has received verbal and written threats.

Council Member Travis Kiger stated in an email to the Orange County Register that keeping the information of the 911 call from the public "only fosters distrust against the city and everyone involved."

Previous to disclosing this recording, there has been much speculation from the protesters discussing alternate angles on what role Slidebar's phone call could have played in the altercation. Three scenarios have been consistently cited during my personal debates with Fullertonians:

  1. Slidebar was naive aboutĀ its reporting of Kelly's actions.
  2. Slidebar knew that its reporting was false, but didn't believe theĀ police would have shown up for loitering or similar lesser disturbances of peace.
  3. Slidebar was somehow in cahoots with the Fullerton Police Department and contributed to the police officers' criminal behavior on the night of the fatal beating, such as in this article on

The California penal code dealing with filing false reports is here. This is for information purpooses only and is not intended as legal advice:

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