2nd Annual Art Walk

The 2nd Annual Art Walk was concentrated (mostly) into the Civic Plaza next to the Museum Center.

The location seemed to bring more families to the event. Concessions operated stands and the beer garden was open at FMC. The FMC's small auditorium also hosted an Improv presentation by Stages Theatre.

Although the posters and fliers for the event said that it was "all" going down at the Civic Plaza there were still some of the regular venues presenting their own art shows. There was a really adventurous jazz band at the Violet Hour, for instance.

http://thefullertonian.com/Content/Article/Mobile installation at the Magoski Complex.

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Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. in Fullerton

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong.

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