Artist Review: Adrian Lopez & Dan Joyce

This Past Weekend I had the privilege of Interviewing some very talented artists featured at the PAS and Hibbleton galleries located in the Magoski Arts Colony. The first artist Adrian Lopez was the featured artist showing at PAS. Adrian's exhibition was titled "Ignotum Per Ignotius" meaning "Obscure By the More Obscure". Focusing on a consistent medium of oil paint to canvas. Adrian, curving from a cubist style foundation into somewhat of a more abstract view is reminiscent of Pablo Picasso's later works . Adrian agreed to have been very influenced by the works of Picasso and Gustav Klimt. I questioned him specifically about a particular painting I enjoyed titled "No Body Dances Sober".  Adrian stated the title was an after thought. I was curious as to the motivation behind the works of the Ignotum Per Ignotius collection. When asked Adrian stated he prefers the observer to interpret their own ideals. Adrian Lopez currently resides in La Mirada California. 

When checking the latest wares in Book Machine I met Dan Joyce. Dan was there to show off his vivid pastel work and promoting his most recent illustrated book titled The Poem Story. The Poem Story was intended to be a poem that was created during Dan's time in a Mental Institution. After approximately two months Dan left with what was a string of poems that told a story, hence the title.  

After researching a bit of Dan's work I was drawn to his choice of content. Dan's collection of artwork shown at the Hibbleton was titled "Kreepy Krushes" A series of women Dan found attractive, and courageously asked to model for him. I personally find his work whimsical, socialistically dark and amazing. Dan Joyce is A Fullerton native. 

Be on the look out for Dan's current book to be release soon titled "The War of the Soul". installation at the Magoski Complex.

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