An Interview With Weavver's Curator, Jennifer King (Abridged)

Since October of last year, Jennifer King has joined the curating team at the Weavver Gallery. Their upcoming show, Pairings, is collection of artists presenting two or more pieces with a related theme, style, or even puns on the word itself. Born and raised in Fullerton, King is an alumni at CSUF and her job at the local art supplies store Utrecht has helped to expand her abilities to network with artists from the college and throughout the community. The Fullertonian received the opportunity to record a conversation with this upcoming member of the artist community and participating artist, Taco Comics.

Fullertonian: What mediums have you worked with, Jennifer? Ever done anything like sculpture?

Jennifer King: I have not yet done sculptures. I’ve done black and white photography, oil paintings, water colors, and some unsuccessful collaging (laughs).

Fullertonian: So what medium do you usually work with?

Jennifer King: I do a lot of portraiture. One of my recent things is basing artwork off of dreams. I’ll interview my friends about their dreams and incorporate  those details as inspiration in the portrait.

Taco Comics: Do you dream in color?

King: I dream in very desaturated colors. Nothing is ever really vivid.

From that point the conversation shifted from the topic of dreams to the question of marketability. Although king has no sales experience, she and her partner/owner of Weavver, Mitchel Constantin, have been looking at the issue. Of course it starts as a labor of love, but they hope to soon start selling prints from featured artists online. Constantin helped to start promoting the art walks by contributing to the design of Fullerton’s art walk website: There’s also still the option of buying the original work off the walls. Jennifer King’s mother helped to raise her by working as a commercial artist.

Fullertonian: Jennifer, would you ever work as a commercial artist, or do you have a threshold where something is considered to be “selling out”?

King: I don’t have a problem with it because everyone needs to eat, and that would be something that I would have the talent to do, but I would always want to be able to do my own artwork. Something that I care about, because I wouldn’t only want to do something that I was being commissioned for. I want to express my own ideas.

Fullertonian: Right, but that thing you care about is always changing and evolving isn’t it?

I think for most artists we’re always improving and learning new things, so the things that you care about should evolve. I kind of think that if an artist spends their entire life on one thing that they’re not really allowing themselves to grow, or improve, or open themselves up to new things.

Featured artists at Weaver’s show, Pairings:

Jennifer King
Diane Nguyen
Mitchel Constantin
Hank Huang
Stacey Alexander
Rebecca Lipnisky
Jennifer Takeda
Daniel Le
Billy Roberts
Samantha Dowd
Stacy LeFevre
Marielle Bas
Jasmine Gonzalez
James Jurado
Shirin Rastin
Will Koffman
Dustin Myers
Leanne Roberson Sargeant
Taco Comics
Tzolk Uprooted

Weavver: 210 N. Malden Ave. installation at the Magoski Complex.

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