Artist line-up for February Art Walk at the VioletHour Studio

Mark Reyes explores the complexities of life's most complicated emotion in a series of allegorical paintings. Included in his collection is a series he refers to as "Cupid Bob"

Dustin Myers describes himself as a technically disciplined adult with the playful thoughts of a child. Using his Artistic Talent and imagination he is able to bring that vision to the canvas.

Britta Segerskog will be showing her work she calls the Anima(l) Series. Britta claims her ultimate goal is " to be able to instill so much emotion in the viewer that they experience the Stendhal Syndrome.

Daniel Antonio Rivera Echeveria will be showing paintings from different time periods in his life, but connected thru his perception of experiences. " My earlier work is to be said more "Dali-ish" and my recent work more Expressionistic".

Michael and Candace will again be showing Photographic images from a wacky series they call "Think Pink"

Rene Cardona will be performing live Painting

Musicians and Poets perfoming throughout the evening will include RUBY&MANDY, MR. David Kurtz,
Sandro Razciel & Kelly Rogers, Jesse LaTour, De Anna Quillen, Astroman and other guests

VioletHour in partner with Hibbleton, PAS and The Magoski Arts Colony will have the "Lime Food Truck" parked out front serving up delicious eats. installation at the Magoski Complex.

August Artwalk Features Famous Local Artists

Steve Metzger and Clint Kalima debut at local venues

Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. (Artist Preview)

Pictures of art to be featured in the upcoming show at Magoski Complex

Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. in Fullerton

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong.

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Love.Sex.Unity.Respect Premieres From Art With An Agenda On May 3rd

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