Rialto’s New Night Menu

Rialto Cafe is changing their game up in 2012 as they introduce a new nightly menu created by former Burger Parlor chef, Noah Shultz. He masterfully innovates even the simplest dishes. Rialto’s Mac N’ Cheese for instance, adds chopped house bacon, and lightly tops it with frosted flakes. The slightly sweetened crunch offsets the texture of cheesy macaroni. Make sure to ask the server what their daily special is, as Shultz is constantly creating new variations like his Mac N’ Swiss Cheese with Sautéed Mushrooms.

It’s a toss up when deciding on the better meal when comparing the patty melt against Rialto’s Benny Burger. Served medium rare with melted Swiss cheese and caramelized onions on rye bread, the patty melt is perfected when topped with Rialto’s house mustard. Its rival, the Benny Burger, is served on a parmesan crusted English muffin and a thick slice of tomato with lightly steamed spinach. It’s topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Served open face, this innovative burger inspired by an eggs benedict breakfast has been done well. However unlike most burgers, we suggest using a fork and knife instead of attempting to manhandle a Benny Burger.

The staff at Rialto is flexible in providing customers almost anything they want when it comes to making changes on menu items. You can add a fried egg to anything for $1.50. As Noah Shultz describes, “We’ll modify anything on the menu the way anybody likes it. We’re here to make people happy. So, if you want two patties on your burger, or you want avocado on your salad, or three cheeses on your melt; we’ll do that. If you want me to juggle lemons I’ll do that badly”.

But at least he’ll try just to satisfy another customer. Check out Rialto’s new nightly menu!

Rialto Café
108 W. Wilshire Ave.

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