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After careful consideration and planning the editorial staff of The Fullertonian have decided to suspend weekly delivery of the paper Newsletter. You will still be able to receive the weekly email newsletter by signing up at

The Fullertonian Print Newsletter venture could be thought of as an experiment. We have heard a lot about economics and business lately and we wanted to find out what it was all about. We were dissatisfied with the economic lessons we had learned in school and we wanted to try it out for ourselves.

We didn’t start a turn-key franchise of an existing business. It seemed we could only get the feel of “business” by creating a business unit as a whole. We didn’t want to learn how to be a cog in a wheel. We wanted to find out what it took to create a wheel. We wanted to discover it for ourselves.

We envisioned a new business and and built it to certain specifications. It must have low start-up costs and it should financially benefit our clients. And like any good experimenters we took measurements and kept notes. We learned much and had many successes.

In the course of going around town delivering papers, interviewing business owners, and reviewing their products and services we discovered something wonderful. Businesses, companies, and corporations are made out of… people! Not just their physical bodies, but their choices, their plans, their interests, and their purposive action. The economy is not made out of buildings, corporate institutions, the factories of production, or even a collection of our physical bodies. It is made out of our lives and the lives of other people like us. Even the machines are merely the products of earlier choices and actions.

Take as an example, the Reliable Sheet Metal plant south of Commonwealth. That plant is the living embodiment of George Shade’s decision to make kayaks out of light weight galvanized sheet metal during the depression. Now they make hi-tech cabinetry and operate plasma cutters. They also build lives, homes and raise children in Fullerton.

Each of the business choices, the life choices, these business people make every day fantastically intricate. Take for instance a female DJ we spoke too. When we asked her if it aides her business to be female and very attractive she said, “Oh yeah”, until thinking a moment, “except at weddings.”

The closer you look at the details the more fascinating the stories become. Each local business, each business-person, has to adapt to local conditions on a daily basis.

And it is business that is the issue, isn’t it? The largest news story of the last several years has been the economy. Our CSUF Mihaylo College has told us that the government planners have failed to put this “Humpty Dumpty” together again. Can they orchestrate this delicate web of life choices from DC?

This is a story that we will be following closely online. It is a story that we could not fully cover in our brief paper newsletter. And we could not measure interest. But the web is more measurable. It is much more efficient at monitoring which types of content is popular and which is not. And it is quite a bit cheaper. If the goal is to learn economics and capitalism, we must make a profit ourselves.

Our original intent long ago was an open web forum. But as we moved into the print realm we found that we had to tone down our content quite a bit since people would be reading it at the dining counter or in a coffee shop. Some shops have the paper on the counter near the cash register. All of this figures in to what we put on the front page and even what we put inside. Publishing the newsletter was like an intricately complex puzzle made up, not of static pieces, but of goal-oriented actions.

The toning down of our content meant we gave short shrift to some important and controversial stories. One of the biggest stories that we covered very early in it’s life was the story of Kelly Thomas. We even broke the news that officers bones were not broken in the altercation after all. But we were not able to cover it in the depth and with the import that this story rights and governance deserves. This is something we intend to remedy online.

We may produce the Newsletter paper again, but we are currently suspending production for now and will be focusing on our online features.
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