Just Thought You Should Know

A sitcom shot in Fullerton is being launched in January. Just Thought You Should Know is a coming of age story about four friends. The show is the first big project from Unsinkable Productions. The company started as a partnership between Daryl Hutchison and Dimithri Perera; two film students taking classes at Fullerton College. They originally started off doing sketch material. The complete first season is 12 episodes running 22 minutes each. The format allows for the possibility selling ad space to make it a full 30 minute block, and opens up the possibility of having the show get picked up for TV. Comedy Central’s show, Workaholics, started in a similar fashion. For the moment however, Unsinkable Productions will have to prove that their show is marketable. Since the cast includes players from Secret City Comedy Society, including its writer Dimithri Perera, they’ve got the ability to prove that they’re at least funny.

Synopsis: When Samantha “Sam” Schulz (Julie Brett) is dumped by her boyfriend of five and a half years, it sparks a realization in Dylan Silva (Dimithri Perera) that he should get over his own past breakup as well. Now that all four friends are single, including the responsible Red Moon (Douglas Hachiya) and the eccentric Shawn Waterbury (Daniel Eachus), life has just become a bit more unpredictable.

Starring: Daniel Eachus, Julie Brett, Douglas Hachiya, and Dimithri Pererapowered by metaPost

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