Ed Royce Answers at Town Hall

On a cool, clear Saturday 40th district Representative in the US House of Reps, Ed Royce met with voters at the Buena Park City Hall. A variety of views were expressed by attendees. Most seemed to agree with Mr. Royce but several opposed what he was doing in the House and what he was saying at the meeting. Ed Royce’s dad, Stanton council member Ed Royce Sr., watched his son from an aisle seat.
In an hour and a half town-hall style meeting Mr. Royce expressed his intentions on how to get the government out of the way of business, how to liberate economic production, and how to stop corruption in Washington.
He is in favor of the Canadian Keystone project which he says would be “a huge win-win” and supports off-shore oil drilling. The first question was about the failed Solyndra energy company. He said that the “government isn’t equipped to pick winners and losers in markets”. Government involvement creates collusion and these business owners don’t pursue research and development but instead build connections in Washington DC. “Now people have to open their eyes and see that there is a very real consequence of growing government agencies.” Ed Royce supports ending agriculture subsidies, drawing down the military. “We’ve got to draw down this deficit and we’ve got to do it quickly.”
He says he voted against the bank bailouts because it assigned less risk to the big banks. They had a full percentage point lower rate on their loans than the smaller banks. At that point the smaller banks are less likely to get loans, and the large banks start over-leveraging again. This might explain why the smaller bank Fullerton Community Bank was swallowed up by a larger bank.
“There are some corporate loopholes that should be closed”, was another solution. He talked about cutting foreign aid to countries such as Pakistan and cutting oil subsidies. He spoke several times about growing government agencies and government sponsored entities. He said the growth is a “ratchet that only goes one way”. He spoke of his efforts to regulate FNMA before it collapsed. He expressed the sensitivity of the issue of interest rates. “We’re in a pickle because we’re trying to keep the housing situation from getting worse”. On Obama’s Jobs Act he said, “I think it will create a lot of jobs... for trial lawyers!” Regarding OWS he said, “I think a lot of people don’t understand the problem because if they did they would be occupying DC!”

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