“Dragonslayer” Shreds Pools In Fullerton

Tristan Patterson has created scripts for Disney, Fox, and is currently writing a script for the film “American Cigarette” directed by Tony Scott. However, Patterson himself has taken on the role of director and created a documentary film about Fullerton skater Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, entitled “Dragonslayer”. It’s part of the American Film Institute’s Young Americans section of AFI fest taking place November 3rd through the 10th.

Synopsis: Filmed in and around abandoned houses, punk shows, and empty swimming pools in Fullerton, CA, “Dragonslayer” is a gritty documentary portrait of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, a truly unique character who operates on his own wavelength. Something of a local skate legend, Skreech is able to travel the world via lucrative skateboarding sponsorships, but when he returns home we find him living in cars and backyards. A new father, Skreech struggles to adapt his “skate bum” lifestyle in order to raise his son with his girlfriend. In his debut film, Tristan Patterson masterfully captures the skateboarding ethos, structuring the film in a countdown format that allows the audience to get to the heart of this one-of-a-kind individual. Featuring plenty of beer, blood, vomit and spit, “Dragonslayer,” is a punk-rock love letter to youth and learning to survive after the decline of Western civilization. [Synopsis by Jenn Murphy of AFI Fest.]

DRAGONSLAYER (2011) OFFICIAL TRAILER from Animals of Combat on Vimeo.

251 S. Main Street Los Angeles,
CA 90012

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