Recall NO! Rally

Control of City Hall is very much in question as Recall/Anti-Recall drives are organized around town. The Recall group has been out in force for over a month, in front of grocery stores and walking door-to-door.

Now we have seen some of those loyal to the embattled City Council members. In a fund-raiser at Villa del Sol, where tickets were reportedly $100, the three City Council members met with some of their biggest fans.

Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, and Pat McKinley spoke out at the private fundraiser and explained their position on the recall drive, why they think it’s happening, and what they intend to do to combat it.

They believe the recall campaign is the product of a local businessman who opposes their decisions on the council. It is not clear how far this conspiracy theory goes but their speeches indicated that they believe local businessman Tony Bushala is using the beating death of Kelly Thomas by members of the FPD to impugn the three council members reputation and unseat them from power.

You can watch some video of the event online.

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