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Artist Shot 2  Credit - Mayra MartinezLocal musicians cover all types of genres, and in this century being an audiophile comes at the click of a mouse. Fullertonian, Paulino Aldana, has played previously as a guitarist for a couple bands, but an influence in electronic dance music pushed him in a new direction. Now he spends most of his musical creativity on mixing together tracks with disco and house samples.

Fullertonian: I'm liking the "Tonights Our Night" track. How long have you been mixing?

Romanza: Thanks man!. Well, I started DJing back around 2006, but before that I was in a bunch of bands and such. I've been 'seriously' making EDM tracks for about 6 months now.

FTN: What kind of gear do you use?

Romanza: for live mixes i run ableton with an akai apc20 and m-audio fastrack pro

FTN: That's cool, I've done work in FL Studio. Did you mix music in your previous bands?

Romanza: I use FL as my main DAW along with Ableton. [Regarding mixing] not really. I wasn’t too much into producing at the time but I did a lot of the writing.

FTN: Vocals?

Romanza: I was mainly on guitar, but me and our singer wrote lyrics together. [Social Scientist is] the last band i was in with some friends. we've been together with different members here and there for about 5 years on and off. haha:

FTN: There's nice songwriting on that track, Younghood, but it's so different from the house music style. What inspired you to take that direction?

Romanza: well I've always loved dance music. Growing up in my house it was either Michael Jackson, Elvis, or Zapp and Roger. when I 'discovered' house it just set so well with me that I decided to pursue it, and I've been doing it since.

FTN: How hard is it to beat match? Do samples get thrown out of key easily?

Romanza: well JFK from MSTRKRFT said once that, “its not hard to DJ. It’s what you do behind the mixer with your music that makes it hard”, and I believe that, lol. One of the keys is just to know the music. Recognize patterns and think about what would go good with them.

La Charanga 76 - No Nos Pararan (Romanza Edit) by Romanza



Music Recommended by Romanza

1. RAC
They are a group of guys that do remixes and bootlegs for a lot of artists I enjoy in dance music and music in general. They have an interesting a approach sound wise.
2. Eux Autres
I randomly came across them on Myspace about 5 years ago when they were a duo. The bands expanded but they are still amazing and getting better all the time
I recently discovered these gents via the world of tumblr. I'm really loving what they are making and I'm going to be doing an edit of their track "Needy Girl", so keep an ear out for that.

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