Pita Hot Mediterranean Grill

2011-08-03 14.24.46Food is meant to fill you up, but when it’s the middle of your work day it can seem a little counter-productive to eat something that makes you feel like you want to pass out after. Hot Pita avoids that bloated, sleepy feeling that Boondocks has popularized with the term: "the itis". Mediterranean food is known for being lean, and typically healthier than what’s considered common in the US. Hot Pita started last year and is located off Chapman Ave., East of Victoria Dr.

The chicken kabob plate is a good recommendation for first time visitors. They come served on a bed of rice, which stood out as odd to me at first because mixed in with the rice are thin noodles. It’s got a light taste with a hint of oil. The chicken itself is char-grilled and seasoned with a dry rub that compliments the taste of Pita Hot’s Hummus. The sumac onions don’t stand alone on their own, but they mix well when eaten with the chicken and pita bread (hummus, etc). I would have rather gotten the Tabbouleh, which consists of chopped parsley, cucumber, and tomato. Little bits of bulgur wheat are mixed into it.

1343 East Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 449-0100

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