Mestizos Fresh Mexican Grill

Fullerton has a new addition in fresh Mexican food with a California twist. Raymond Griego, Mestizos owner, recently held their grand opening on July 16th, although the business has been operating for a little over a month officially. Griego had a DJ entertain his guests that day as he introduced their menu to a new and enthusiastic audience. Many recipes were honed by his family, but includes a few influences from his friends as well.

Mestizos seeks to provide a new twist to the classic perception of Mexican food. For instance, instead of wrapping their tamales in corn husks, Griego has improved things by wrapping them in banana leaves instead. The result is moist, yet thin layers of masa that enhance the flavor of their chicken, or jalapeno and cheese tamales. Mestizo’s Tejano salsa, which is cheese based, is unlike anything else you've ever tasted, and comes with a mild kick from infusing jalapenos in with the rest of their secret recipe.

They hold the appeal of fast food similar to chain restaurants like chronic taco or chipotle, but it’s amazing to consider how much prep work goes into providing the freshest ingredients, while still managing to make them accessible. The meat is marinated overnight and their shredded beef is braised for four hours before it is served up to awaiting customers in a matter of minutes. “We like to keep it fresh. I don’t like to come in and see the meat on a steam table. I think customers like to see you cook it rather than see it conveniently there, and then walk away thinking that meat was well done or didn’t taste right. I want them to know that we’re giving them a fresh product every time”, said the owner. 

Griego’s “loco-style” tacos melt oaxaca cheese onto toasted tortillas before topping them with what’s available. “If I could only recommend one item off our menu, it would be a carne asada taco”, he says. But that would be a very conservative embrace of what this restaurant really has to offer. Those who appreciate a bolder challenge might consider taking on the Mestizo’s Monster Burrito. It weighs more than a new born child, and adding Griego’s spicy salsa verde only adds on to the challenge that dares patrons to finish it in less than an hour.

Photo credit: Crystallynn Byrne

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