Fullerton’s Founding Fathers

From 2011-07-25 FPL History Room

The newly renovated Fullerton Public Library can provide us a unique peek into the past. The greatly improved History Room has expanded storage area for what was once kept in old closets. Needless to say it is easier to find things.

One of the things they have under lock and key in their humidity controlled archive is the original signed document assigning Mr. Fullerton to position of Corporal in the 32 Unattached Militia, Infantry, of Massachusetts after serving in the Civil War.

There is also a book of fine tissue paper pages of carbon copy imprints of typed letters, signed by Mr. Fullerton, as he acted as a land agent. He tours areas north of Anaheim and describes the land with great favor. “It is my opinion that in short time property at North Anaheim will be very much increased in value”. He could hardly have know that in short time in a little town there residents would call themselves “Fullertonians”.

The the town wouldn’t be named after him until he secured the railroad station. The typed letters show how Mr. Fullerton worked collaboratively with land owners and engineers to find routes and rights of way that were beneficial to the parties interested. They had to negotiate areas with water stock and plan lots in reasonable proximity to each other and at a reasonable price. It shows the business and the human interest of building the homestead and then the town that we enjoy today. The work they did, including making Fullerton a rail hub in Southern California, made it possible for Fullerton to be the home of Hunt-Wesson and other large companies that employed many people.

There are many more documents to be catalogued and the library still receives items of historical significance from contributors. Call them if you have something to contribute or questions: 714-738-6342.

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