SanSai Sushi

SanSai Sushi Japanese Restaurant has chosen Fullerton as the location for a new concept in food services. The new store, called Sansai Sushi & Grill, is a cooler and more open restaurant space. SanSai Japanese Restaurants is a small local chain of more traditional Japanese restaurants, but they decided to try something new with the Sushi & Grill. The layout is clean, comfortable and very modern.

You can place your order at a “kiosk” panel display near the register, or you can order entrees from people behind the glass counter and display case. We ordered our sushi Nigiri and sushi rolls from the kiosk panel just to try it out. It was easy to use and quick. The people behind the counter were very helpful and friendly.

Out of all the food we tried the Shrimp Tempura was most surprising. The shrimp were plump and juicy before you dip in in the tangy sauce and the batter was light and crispy. It’s surprising because I don’t really like shrimp. I could eat a bowl of this.

Most surprising in the salads was cubes of steak. They were medium rare and marinated in a teriyaki sauce. Mixed in with small leafy green, mandarin oranges and shaved nuts they blended with the dressing.

Most surprising in Sushi Nigiri was the salmon. Sometimes salmon can be a little meatier, but this was as juicy as the tuna. I also tried the Prime Cut Salmon which is light and fluffy.

You might want to learn these guys menu. There is a nice variety of combinations. You will have your chance if you stop by on Friday 7/01. They will be giving away free food from 12 to 4 pm.

San Sai Sushi & Grill
2323 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton.

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