Stages Theater: Twilight Zone

Under the direction of Stages legend Darri Kristin Stages Theater has unlocked a door with their imagination and embarked on an journey through… The Twilight Zone.

Through mid July they will be staging a sequence of Twilight Zone shorts, two at a time.

This week we saw “The Man in the Bottle” and “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”.

Stages has a lot of experience producing standard commercial theater pieces but bringing a sense of immediacy to it in their small, intimate theater space, and Twilight Zone benefits from it.

The first pairing of shows explore the effectiveness of wishes and of conformity. The “Man in the Bottle” retells the story of a man who finds a magic bottle from which a genie pops out of granting him and his wife four wishes. What would you do if someone said they could break the laws of cause and effect to provide you with a wish just because you asked? This play explores the consequences.

“Number 12 Look Just Like You” is a haunting exploration of conformity and identity. A young girl is being counseled by her mother in preparation for an operation. The operation will convert her corporeal being into a standard physique of body type model number 12 (a lithe and nubile blond). The play explores the consequences.

Two more pairings will be staged through to the middle of July.

Stages Theater: 714.525.4484

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