Artist Interview: Omar Andrade

_MG_7985Featured throughout the month of June, NoCo Studios is displaying the work of  Omar Andrade. A native of Jalisco, Mexico, Andrade moved to America in his younger years and has been painting for fifteen years since then. Hanging on the walls of the studio are a variety of different paintings ranging from landscape portraits, to surrealist paintings of nature. 

When we met at the Art Walk you mentioned that Diego Rivera was a huge inspiration for your art, yet one piece, entitled mariachi, really stood out because of its roots in Cubism. Is Pablo Picasso another artist that you heavily identify yourself with?

I love his work, I simply try to give a silent token of gratitude for inspiring me to become an artist.

What's your favorite medium for painting (oils, acrylics, etc.)?

My favorite is oil on canvas, although I am currently branching out to paint on objects  such as skate boards and guitars.

You've stated that the use of bright and vivid colors throughout the paintings are based on your Mexican heritage. It stands out heavily in your piece, Toucan (rays), where the beak of the toucan bird blends with the colored stripes in its background. Are the illusory techniques that you utilize in this painting, as well as your piece entitled Silent Song, also part of that heritage?

I love colors, and growing up in Mexico the colorful influence is definitely part of my art work. The illusory techniques I used are more of the dream quality and images that I see in my head.  I always try to use my images where there is a blend of what is real as our brain sees it, and then add the twist of a surreal feel.  I like things to be more that just what people see. It’s like having more than one idea in the same painting.

The use of a specific flower has seemed to be your "calling card" throughout a handful of your pieces. Which kind of flower is it and how did you decide to use this flower in particular?

The flower is known as a  Catalilly. Its the Mexican National Flower. I just love the simplicity and uniqueness of the flower. It is, again, a silent tribute to my heritage and Diego Rivera.

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