Orange SkyBlue Releases “Laurel Canyon” LP

OSBFullerton locals, Orange SkyBlue, are releasing a full length LP entitled Laurel Canyon. The release has been anticipated by the band, but what ads to the intrigue of their latest album is that a few of their tracks got picked up by a straight-to-DVD movie, entitled Cross, that was recently released through Morning Star Entertainment and Sony Pictures. Drummer

When did you guys start working with Laurel Canyon’s producer Luke Tierney?

Ryan: I’ve known him for about 10-15 years now. Met him a long time ago. He’s the lead singer in a couple other bands and he was friends with my brother, so I’ve known him for years. He produced another band called Killola, so when he started working on albums I asked him to help me out, and he said “For sure”.

How did you guys get music into the 2011 film, Cross?

Josh: The producer and director, Patrick – he also wrote the screenplay, he’s been a friend of mine since I’ve moved down here. I’ve worked with him on a couple other projects so he called me up and said, “I got the perfect opportunity for you. Come on in. If you’re ready for your break, this is it”. So I got in there and winded up acting in the movie. I got to work with Vinnie Jones (Bullet-Tooth Tony)and Brian Austin Green. Allen also got a part in the movie and Ryan ended up investing in the movie, so he’s a co-executive producer in the film. Patrick has always been a fan of the music so he called me up and asked me if we were interested in having some of our songs put in the movie. They ended up using four of our songs and we’re the only music in the movie aside from what the composer put in the film. We get featured pretty heavy.

So what part did you play in the movie (Josh)?

Josh: In the final fight scene, I play the lead villains right hand man. They gave me a cool introduction.

I heard that they changed your voice in the movie.

Josh: (laughs) Yeah they pitch shifted it, and had me talking like I was cool Billy D. Williams! You can tell it’s my voice, but it’s pitch shifted down, so I’m not sure if it’s the butt end of somebody’s joke, or if they were trying to make me sound like a badass. I’m not going to take it too seriously. You got to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

What other musicians influence the direction of the band's music?

Ryan: Our band has a variety of influences ranging from all types of music. 90's Grunge like Sound Garden was a major influence. Also bands like the Animals, Jimi Hendrix, and the Foo Fighters.

How does the writing process work for the band? Does Alan bring basic demos and then you guys put your own creativity into it?

Ryan: Our process happens a few different ways. Sometimes a demo version of a song is brought into practice. Sometimes we start jamming a riff and song emerges from it. From there lyrics will be written. Either way, we take the new stuff and start creating structure to the song. We each work together on developing our parts and eventually we get an end product.

So you guys work with a violist. How you do you guys work together in the creative process?

Josh: We’ll sit back and just work up riffs, and start structuring stuff together. It could take months before we’re ready to record.

Ryan: A lot of the times we wrote the songs and then brought in the violist after to overlay his track.

Josh: Yeah Trevor would tell you, “I’m the cherry on top”, and he really is. So we'll have the songs and he’ll come in after and just lay down stuff.

Ryan: He gives us all his ideas and we work with him.

Do you guys work analog or digital when recording?

Ryan: It’s mainly digital

Josh: Yeah with the availability of Pro-Tools. Plus, if we did go analog we would still have to compress those files to CD.

What's your opinion of piracy? Would you mind if I stole your album through Pirate Bay? What if I uploaded it? (Hypothetic)

Ryan: I think any way to get our music out there is a positive. If it means that people who wouldn't normally buy our album would have it. Well then maybe will make some new fans. I think the people that do want to buy it, will still buy it.

Tell me about other bands that you guys like to work with on shows, etc. Is there any band or producer that you would like to work with in the future?

Ryan: We enjoy playing shows with anyone. A couple of bands that we would like to play with is The Penfifteen Club and Killola. We have known them for years and it hasn't worked out yet to play any shows with them. I think in the future we would like to keep working with Luke Tierney. He produced our album "Laurel Canyon". It was definitely a learning process for us working with him and I think the experience will only get better.

Photo Credit: Jason Demesquitq

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