Mono/Poly’s New EP: Manifestations

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Anyone into electronic music be it DJ’s, analog synth, or Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) should seriously consider checking out the sounds of Charles Dickerson, AKA Mono/Poly. Begin with the track, Forrest Dark, off his new EP, Manifestations. It starts with soft sine synthesizers and kicks almost immediately into grimy, glitchy drum breaks that could make a freestyle rapper need a fresh pair of pants. The sampled hi hats are only fractions of their original samples and the way they get incorporated give a swing to the beat that also includes shuffling and retriggered sounds.  Mono/Poly then switches up genres into a jazz infused second section, and begins to mash the two together, until it transitions into this ethereal ambience coupled with the sounds of nature. The album is scheduled to drop on April 4th through Flying Lotus’s label, Brainfeeder, but currently there are no shows posted through Mono/Poly’s MySpace page:


Charles Dickerson is a graduate of CSUF and has a degree in computer engineering. It was explained in a 2008 video from Daily Titan that he plans to use his knowledge in the field to make hardware for the [music] industry, or even just for himself. He described that he tries to do everything with his beats saying, “There will be a year where I’ll have this one style that I’m trying to put out that’s just different… With that sound I’ll use it for a year [and then say] I mastered that. I want to go to the next level”.


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