Connor Crowe and Haream Hyun are Damonos. They are a relatively new group that targets all ages. Damonos have performed locally in Fullerton as well as Los Angeles. They are very much rooted in the Electro House scene with their own unique sound to create the feel of originality. Damonos have a burning desire for recognition from Fullerton locals as well as people all around Orange County. Their style of music is influenced from James Zabiela, Antonin and Laidback Luke. They preform Thursday March 17th on St. Patrick’s Day at Incahoots and this will be their second time preforming there. I attended the first time they performed at Incahoots and I saw a great turnout from close friends surrounding Connor and Haream with encouraging energy. As I arrived at Incahoots I saw a massive line just to get in. Once I eventually got inside Incahoots I saw Damonos preforming immediately. Within minutes a crowd began to run to the front of where Connor and Haream were mixing. The first thing I noticed about their performance was how well they seemed to work together, they knew exactly one another’s role and were able to create songs which were smoothly blended into the next. They definitely know how to maintain the crowd’s attention and keep people dancing.  As they rose the beat people screamed waiting for the drop. I walked around and saw not a single displeased look on anyone’s face during their whole performance. They collaborate together outstandingly and help each other equally through each transition. I have no doubt this Thursday will have the same performance from Damonos I loved their sound and how they complemented each other. The audience is expected to be the same encouraging Damonos throughout their whole set. They work hard yet have fun at the same time and that’s what I like to see the most in new aspiring musicians.

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