The Hot Spud!

What’s a Kumpir? Simply put, it’s a Turkish variation of a traditional baked potato. But it isn’t that simple. The style, which originated in Istanbul,  is an innovative approach in how to cook a spud, and Kumpir has become very popular in parts of Europe as fast food. It’s all freshly made right in front of you in an assembly line fashion much like Subway or Chipotle. The Hot spud also sells hot dogs (shown above).

Rather than throwing your potato in the microwave like many restaurants do, The Hot Spud uses a specialized oven to thoroughly slow cook potatoes weighing about 1 1/2 pounds each. They are then sliced open and mashed to a smoother consistency with butter and mozzarella cheese.  Olive oil and vegan cheese is available upon request. Choices of meat include: sliced hot dogs with marinara, lemon chicken, shrimp, and The Hot Spud’s award winning chili has been claimed a favorite in Newport Beach cooking competitions. Vegan hot dogs are available as well, and tri-tip will be added to the menu in a couple weeks.

The Hot Spud adds buyer’s choice of carrot dip (a sweet slaw based of carrots), dill yogurt dip, and Russian (potato) salad. Toppings include chives, pickled beats, pickled red cabbage, black or green olives, mushrooms, and Peperoncini peppers. Dressings are available as well, but weren’t sampled.

Amazing Liege Waffles are available for dessert. Their density is more like a fritter than typical waffles, but are still fluffy when fresh. These are then coated with pearl sugar from Belgium, and Biscoff, which is a biscuit/coffee spread similar to peanut butter or Gnutella. If that’s a heavy dessert then try their strong Turkish coffee. The Hot Spud buys a brand that has been an operating business in Turkey since 1871. If you think that’s a long time, know It comes served with Turkish Delight, which is a pistachio gelatin covered in powdered powdered sugar. The brand The Hot Spud serves has been in business since 1777. One year younger than the USA.

Yilmaz Yucelidag has been operating The Hot Spud for only three weeks, but this 12 year Fullerton resident has a smart business plan with quality fresh products and little direct competition. Check out the amazing food at The Hot Spud, ASAP!

The Hot Spud
711 N. Placentia Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 526-9095

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