Jeremy Sole and Quantic


Sunday Commonwealth Lounge hosted KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole who in turn brought in Columbian globe-trotting DJ Quantic. “We like to get together when Quantic is in town because he is such a well known collector of music.”

Jeremy Sole works with the world renowned KCRW music archives, which is responsible for the soundtracks of many modern movies. The KCRW library is influential.

But you never know where the best new sounds are being made, so KCRW DJ’s still need to get out and explore. This is what brought Jeremy Sole to Fullerton to meet up with Quantic, Bobby Soul of Commonwealth and DJ Concise of, and to share their musical finds.

Jeremy Sole was spinning Soul and Afro-Beat music, then blends nicely into 80’s dance/disco. Before you know it your are listening to roots Reggae, and then funk. The variety is wide but the groove is continuous.

Drum and Bass mixes over a classic rap beat, and then a transition into a Dillinger song.

Quantic brought the Latin, Brazilian and Afro-beat music that he is know for and keeps the feet moving.

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