Morse Cleaver’s Dive Bar Review: Regaling Tales At Jimmie’s NASCAR Bar

Tucked into the industrial park off of State College Blvd., South of Commonwealth Ave., is a small bar called Jimmie’s. They serve sixteen ounce domestic drafts for $3, and bottles of Newcastle are only $4.50.

The jukebox was playing just about the entire Recovery album from Eminem, which would have been enjoyable if it weren’t accompanied by the incessant reminder from the drunk girl at the end of the bar that, “This is (her) song”! Laughing at this transient didn’t get the best reaction from her friends, but in the end she was still adamant about winning the attention of three new strangers. We didn’t fold, and she lost interest.

Instead we took interest in the sweet bartender, Denise, who regaled us with stories about her mother, who used to be the house mom (or staging coordinator) at the former Captain Cream’s.
While the bars of downtown have hopped onto using Twitter and Facebook, Jimmie’s bar keeps it real simple. They don’t even have a calendar when bands play. Just a sign in the bathroom.

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