Art Walk

If success can be measured by the throngs of people who showed up, then last Friday’s Downtown Art Walk was a raging success. Twenty-six separate venues stretching from Pastel Art Gallery and Village Art Center, just north of Chapman, and Fullerton Museum Center on Pomona down to the Violet Hour/PAS/Hibbleton complex on Santa Fe near Malden were peppered or packed with continuous streams of people.

The turnout of patrons was good, with people bringing their friends and children to check out the mixed media and multi-media displays. But the turnout of the artists was also more extensive than past shows. The “Transitions” show at PAS was an extensive collection of assemblages of cabinetry, trim, panels and other found objects, some of which were collected just across the street at the dismantled Hunt/Wesson plant. PAS became Santa Fe Gallery complete with HO scaled model train. Train video footage was on display and the curator and artist were on hand dressed in clothes reflecting our local locomotive history. The assemblages were extensively reworked displays with many painted panels. Some of the oil on wood paintings are artworks in themselves.

There was definitely an energy in the crowd in this most recent art walk. The size and scope of the event has grown over the last year, and this show made it a contender among other events in the county.

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