Mulberry Street

With a charming and intimate setting Mulberry Street is an excellent place to dine any night of the week. White table cloths and clean white shirts with ties set the theme. The wait-staff is very professional and helpful.

We dined on last Friday night and the place was hopping. All the seats were taken at the bar and most of the tables were full, but we had made reservations and they sat us right down.

We were waited on by long-time Mulberry server Eusebio, perhaps the most professional server in Fullerton.

The bread comes hot and folded in cloth. It’s has a mild sourdough taste and a pleasant, hearty texture. Butter comes in small scooped balls.

The meal opened with a house salad with Caesar dressing. They toss your salad for you so the dressing is thinly and evenly spread.

Always try the fish plate, if you can. There is usually fish on the specials. This night we had the salmon. It comes in a light herb/butter sauce and is cooked to perfection, the farthest thing from dry. The fillet had a slight glazed crusting at the ends but was tender and juicy throughout. I was not disappointed.

The cream-sauce fettuccini it came with was perfect. The vegetables were also fresh cooked and had a light sheen. The clam chowder is worth going there for.

The lasagna is serious. It’s mostly well seasoned meat, rich sauce, pasta, and cheese, but not much ricotta. It’s real authentic lasagna and so a little heavier than what we have become used to in California, but the taste is delicious.

Mulberry Street has the feel of a Little Italy, NY ristorante and all the decor to match… everything but the accents. 714.525.1056

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