Food Trucks Circle Their Wagons

Thursday nights at Carter Lanes (Lemon and the 91) is the site of the Chuck Wagon food truck gathering.

There is a carnival like atmosphere in the parking lot where about six trucks with varying foods form a circle and serve hot fresh variety. All it needs is a juggler or pass-the-hatter to round things out.

Ragin’ Cajun, Dos Chinos, Piaggio on Wheels, Chomp Chomp Nation, and a couple other trucks were there last week. One allowed you to make your own chocolate dipped ice cream desserts by selecting the toppings.

I tried the Gumbolaya from the Cajun. They bottle their own hot sauce and run a reputable establishment in the South Bay. The quart of tangy, zesty, spicy concoction was just what I need to beat a cold.

Can’t wait to attend the next gathering.

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