Art Walk: Hibbleton

The Hibbleton ( gallery is settling nicely into their new location on Santa Fe by the Violet Hour and the current exhibit reflects that, literally. I checked out their “Non Sequitur” and P.A.S.’s “Light”.

The layout of the new art spaces means that the way you arrive at the exhibit is meaningful. I chose to enter through the art school next door and was politely redirected by a bunch of surprised ladies who seemed to be learning origami.

Then I entered through Violet Hour who was having a local band of two talented girls Mandie & Ruby ( play wonderful guitar and melodica music. They both sang beautifully and even did a Emiliana Torrini song which I like. The Violet Hour space is still under-rated.

The “Non Sequitur” is a collection of 6 artists that despite it’s name seem to have a theme. I think it was 3D. There were 3D glasses on the podiums to view some of the art and other pieces had red and blue vision lines.

“Light” as P.A.S. ( had a variety of light displays. Beams of many colors seemed to float around the room and reflect of other displays and mirror balls. It was very multi-media, in the art sense of the word, with video displays, projection and mirrors. It runs until the end of the month. Tags: ,,
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