A Moveable Feast

Fullerton is becoming a local hub of the food truck craze that is sweeping the nation. Cities from New York to Seattle are trying to balance the interests of established and heavily regulated brick-and-mortar restaurants against the lightly regulated, mobile food services. How is it working out?

The public seems to like the trucks. They serve convenient finger food at reasonable prices and they serve food that is novel such as bacon quesadillas, or Piaggio’s empanadas. But the public might not consider the negative effects of having sushi truck parked in front of your sushi restaurant.

The city considers such effects. They have limited the areas where the food trucks can park and which hours of the day they can park there. But so far the restrictions have been ad-hock and piecemeal. No food trucks can park in the civically-coddled SoCo district, but they have allowed trucks to park directly opposite other NoCo restaurants.

Certainly the problem is tricky. How do you protect the interests of tax-paying local businesses while still allowing convenient and novel foods to be served to the delight of our citizens?

Local business owner Sandy Kates has offered a possible solution: have the trucks set up shop on E. Wilshire by the Fullerton Square. There are no restaurants adjacent and plenty of room. Fullerton could still be a hub of this new and delicious trend, while still preserving our favorite restaurants.

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