Back before it was acceptable for a woman to wear pants there was Fullerton lady named Lillian Yeager. Not only did she wear slacks and swear just like a man, this entrepreneur opened her very own automobile business in 1914. She saved $71.85 and then added $1000.00 of borrowed money to open a transportation store. Five years later, she was in the driver’s seat of one of the county’s finest repair shops. She had a steady work force of 14 men and at the peak of her career she found it necessary to add six more employees. While waiting to get your vehicle fixed, you could enjoy a beverage and a smoke at her soda fountain and cigar counter.

Shortly, after the Dodge Brothers started to build cars, Yeager added to her establishment by opening the county’s first Dodge Motorcar Showroom. The inventers said to ‘go easy’ at first and only order one car. She had her own ideas and demanded a truckload, which were all sold before they were delivered.
These things would be a remarkable accomplishment for any two men but for ONE woman at the turn of century it was incredible!

Lillian Yeager lived at what is now Le Potager, at Harbor and Brookdale. She was a Fullertonian.

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