Equus @ CSUF

Premiering this Friday at CSUF’s Clays Performing Arts Center is Equus; written by Peter Schaffer. Director, Patrick Pearson, gave us a sneak peak to check out the show on Monday’s dress rehearsal, and there’s much to boast about.
The story, based on a true event, is about a young man named Alan Strang, played by Ryan Jones, who blinds six horses in a town outside London. A court magistrate assigns the case to a psychiatrist named Martin Dysart, portrayed by Brian Rickel. It becomes Dysart’s task to uncover the religious/sexual connection that Strang has with  the horses that he blinded, and to uncover why committed the violent act in question.
Although I don’t consider myself to be an expert on UK dialects, the cast pulled them off very well. The thrust stage, similar to a cat walk, is a great change from the typical proscenium stage that most people have come to expect when they think of plays. This format provides each seat in the house with a unique perspective while they watch the story unfold.
The cast of Equus consists of: Brian Rickel, Ryan Jones, Eva Dailey, Keiko Suda, Jason Oles, Lindsey Kelly, Michael Martinez-Hamilton, Grace Ann Murphy, Nick Waaland, Mark Bartlett, Joshua Bross, Chris Hayhurst, Blake Prentiss and Donald Russell.
Tickets - $10. November 12th to December 5th.

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