Shadows and Light – The “Lady in Black” @ Stages

I expected that a haunting story involving ghosts, stone mansions, ancient causeways & sea frets (a wet haze coming in from the sea) would not do well in this age of HD, CGI, and special effects. But the original type of theater in 3D can still carry some unexpected surprises.

Ryan O’Melia plays the role of Arthur Kipps, a distraught lawyer who hires an actor to tutor him in the art of story telling. He wanted to tell his very own, true, ghost story. Initially O’Melia does a very convincing portrayal of a bad actor being trained by a good one. It isn’t until O’Melia plays the tutor-improved Kipps portraying the characters in his tale that you realize he is already greatly achieved in his training.

The acting and directing, as well as the surround-sound ambient audio tracks, compete well with cinematic theater, but the intimacy of the Stages theater is subtly and affectively leveraged by director David Chorley. The results can be startling.

Michael Cavinder is believable as The Actor who brings the story out of Mr. Kipps. We learn as he learns how to portray a pony and trap and a train ride. Through his tutelage the story is brought into the stage environment and displayed in it’s best light.

This play is part of the Fullerton Shadows Festival and will be playing at Stages through October 31st.

Stages Theater, 400 E Commonwealth, Ste 4, 714.525.4484

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