SoCalCodeCamp - CSUF

Mark Stouffer

Once a year a large group of coders descends upon Fullerton. They don’t just telecommute or attend a virtual meeting but actually assemble in their corporeal bodies at the CSUF campus to talk about system building. 110 sessions were presented by people like Woody Pewitt and Brian Loesgen, who help design the systems and user interfaces we use every day.

What Grinds My Gears

Mark Stouffer

I can remember going to the camping supply store when I was a child to purchase plastic bottles that didn’t leak when you laid them down. They were slightly cheaper than canteen’s. Now that plastics manufacturers have perfected the bottle to the extent that they are practically free, hold water even when chucked into a refugee camp or from a roof, and are so ephemeral that they can be crushed a

Fullertonian Metro

Mark Stouffer

There is a new web service that’s free (gratis) and as easy as reading twitters. For those who still don’t see the advantages of text messaging this may finally enlighten that dark corner of your mind and bring you into the present millennium.