FCC Presents "In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play

Chuck Ketter Directs A Play That Explores Relationships At The Dawn of Electricity.

Alex Stouffer

Fullerton College Theatre proudly presents their performance of “In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play”, by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Chuck Ketter. Performances will be held in the Bronwyn Dodson Theater from Thursday, December 6th – Sunday, December 9th, 2012. Join us as Fullerton College showcases their talents in this delightful and thought provoking comedy.  

Local Writer Stages Renewed “Hate”

Local playwright Joel Beers ventures into the Kelly Thomas beating and its effects on the future of law enforcement in Fullerton and beyond.

Mark Stouffer

The play has always been the most political form of art. Theme, plot, and satire can express a realm of larger concepts than the song or the painting can. So it is interesting to see a locally written political play that explores some of the issues of a local political event that has divided the local political community. The arts community in Fullerton continues to explore the visceral hor

Still frame from the original "Sound of Music"

Fullerton Children's Repertory Theater Premieres “The Sound of Music”

FCRT to celebrate three decades of performances with opening night gala commemorating new partnership with Hope International University in Fullerton.

Alex Stouffer

Fullerton Children’s Repertory Theater, Orange County’s longest-running, non-profit youth theater production company, marks its 30th year of performances next Wednesday (July 18) with an opening night gala celebrating its new partnership with Hope International University (HIU). The FCRT will host the reception following the premiere of FCRT’s summer production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s

Blues Bros. Save The Fox

Blues Brothers Save the Fox

This rhythm & blues revue sets to raise money for Fox Theatre's restoration.

Alex Stouffer

Preparations are almost complete for the MAVTV-sponsored 7th Hollywood in Fullerton celebration, themed “Blues Brothers Save the Fox: A Rhythm & Blues Revue.” The event, due to draw hundreds to the Historical Fox Fullerton Theatre on Saturday, June 23, is sure to be fun for all, with a variety of events from a silent auction to one of the first live stage performances to be held inside the thea

Fox Fullerton Holds Open Auditions for First Show Since 1987

'Hollywood in Fullerton' will be a rhythm & blues revue

Gary Graves

The Fox Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation is announcing open auditions for its original June 23 show, Hollywood in Fullerton, presented by MAV TV, “Blues Brothers Save the Fox, A Rhythm & Blues Revue.” Auditions will take place on Saturday, May 12 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fullerton High School. Written by local theater professional Brian Newell, the script pays homage to the blues with a

World Premiere: The Legend of Robin Hood

Action, drama, intrigue and more. Nathan Makaryk's "The Legend of Robin Hood" is intelligent theater in Fullerton.

Mark Stouffer

An elaborate forest sets the stage for the retelling of this popular and world-famous legend. The many set changes keep the scenes fresh as we bounce back and forth between Sherwood forest and the seat of government power in Nottingham. Maverick Theater’s production of Nathan Makaryk’s “The Legend of Robin Hood” revolves around the tightly coiled storyline, and that requires an often-changing s

Mamet’s “American Buffalo” In Play at Stages

Mark Stouffer

The crowd at the theater always tells you something about the show. The audience at Stages Theatre changes for the different types of plays they perform. Last Saturday’s audience for their production of David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” was an adventurous, bright-eyed crowd. They looked like they were expecting something. The play opened in Chicago in 1975 and went on to Broadway two years l

‘Uncut’ Theater Reflects TIME’s Person of the Year

Mark Stouffer

An important play is being staged as the last month of the Monkey Wrench Collective’s existence in Fullerton fades. It is actually a sequence of 8 short pieces, all of them US premieres, by prominent playwrights from the United Kingdom. The plays are important because they were all written within the last two years and they all express the social disruption of our times from the social intelle


“Cockroach” Infests Monkey Wrench

Mark Stouffer

High school sucks in England too. That is the second thing you might notice in the Monkey Wrench Collective’s production of “Cockroach”. The first thing you will notice is the tension in the opening scene that makes mimed door pounding sequence seem as real as an episode of “COPS”. It’s exciting to see this kind of avant guard theater being staged right here in Fullerton. Monkey Wrench is able t

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Stages Shows “Death of a Salesman”

Mark Stouffer

The Stages Theater succeeds in their production of "Death of a Salesman", a controversial play that debuted in 1949 and quickly won a Pulitzer Prize. This review is in two parts; the production and performance of the play, and because the 61 year old play focuses on a topic that is still quite relevant today, there is an analysis of the theme. The Performance


CS Lewis “Screwtape” at Barclay Theater

Mark Stouffer

I was delighted to be invited to see “The Screwtape Letters” at the Barclay Theater with OCWeekly theater critic Joel Beers, who recently interviewed Max McLean, the co-director who stars in the play and also conceived of the production. McLean has excellent elocution but his words were tinny even in the Barclay’s lavish sound system on the opening weekend. The adaptation of CS Lewis book is set

Secret City Comic Society

Alex Stouffer

How did Secret City Comics Society decide to perform in Fullerton? Many improv groups start in shared locations like restaurants and coffee shops. While looking for rehearsal space, we stumbled upon the Stage One Dance Studio (141 W Wilshire, #A) and they offered to rent out their space to us on the weekend. It soon became a win-win situation. The dance studio could rent out their space when the

Stages Theater: Twilight Zone

Mark Stouffer

Under the direction of Stages legend Darri Kristin Stages Theater has unlocked a door with their imagination and embarked on an journey through… The Twilight Zone. Through mid July they will be staging a sequence of Twilight Zone shorts, two at a time.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Mark Stouffer

Two weeks into it’s 6 week run The Maverick Theater’s production of “The Count of Monte Cristo” is an enjoyable performance of this classic tale. A professional cast and mostly good direction by Nathan Makaryk guide the performance in an easy to follow telling of the complex story. The Maverick always does a good job of guiding the audience into the story. The large dining/drinking area is a nice

Man Crashes Into Stages Theater

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Hamlet is a Puppet!

Mark Stouffer

A thrilling re-imagining of “Hamlet” as a puppet show is currently being staged at the Maverick Theater. Shaun Michael McNamara’s production of “Hamlet Has No Legs” is a fun, funny, and charming retelling of Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece. Puppets take the stage, narrate and perform a somewhat condensed version of the story of the Danish prince and his family, and even heckle late-comers. It i


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Mark Stouffer

Cases are backed up in the divine courtroom but the time is nigh for rendering a final verdict in the case of The Kingdom of Heaven v. Judas Iscariot. This 2005 Stephen Guirgis play now showing at Stages Theater was first staged off-Broadway. The cast of 20+ is speckled with stars and they get to shine during the 2+ hours. It has a modern feel, and boldly cross-examines witnesses to the death of


Stages Does Live Radio “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Mark Stouffer

“You've got your wish. You've never been born.”     --- Clarence Stages Theater is doing a live radio version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” complete with foley artist and words from their sponsor, Ducks Toilet Cake©.

Equus @ CSUF

Alex Stouffer

Premiering this Friday at CSUF’s Clays Performing Arts Center is Equus; written by Peter Schaffer. Director, Patrick Pearson, gave us a sneak peak to check out the show on Monday’s dress rehearsal, and there’s much to boast about. The story, based on a true event, is about a young man named Alan Strang, played by Ryan Jones, who blinds six horses in a town outside London. A court magistrate assi

Where Did All These Zombies Come From?

Mark Stouffer

“Night of the Living Dead” is a suspenseful shock-fest at the Maverick theater. Not high browed theater but a campy re-enactment of the movie, this show keeps the audience shrieking. The play takes place when several embattled travelers seek refuge in a farm house from the strange events outside. They slowly discover that they are inside some kind of zombie break out where everyone eats each othe

Dark Humor And Dark Desires

Mark Stouffer

Shopping & Fu©#!ng @ Monkey Wrench Collective

Poe Plays @Stages

Mark Stouffer

As part of the Fullerton Shadows Festival (FullertonShadows.org) Stages Theater presents a selection of Poe stories adapted as plays by Sean Engard. The ensemble cast (I think I counted 14 people on stage at one point) portray 5 (6 on Sundays) stories  from the classic writer in a new light. Costumes are minimal but makeup is not. The old man in “The Tale-Tell Heart” actually has a pale blue, vult

Frankenstein Premieres at Fullerton College

Alex Stouffer

Mary Shelly’s classic novel comes to life this week, as Fullerton College performs their very own rendition directed by FC Proffesor, Gary Krinke. The novel was adapted by William Mittler; FC Professor and co-founder of Stages Theater right here in Fullerton.

Shadows and Light – The “Lady in Black” @ Stages

Mark Stouffer

I expected that a haunting story involving ghosts, stone mansions, ancient causeways & sea frets (a wet haze coming in from the sea) would not do well in this age of HD, CGI, and special effects. But the original type of theater in 3D can still carry some unexpected surprises. Ryan O’Melia plays the role of Arthur Kipps, a distraught lawyer who hires an actor to tutor him in the art of story tell

Fullerton Shadows Fest – Scream Contest @ The Fox

Alex Stouffer

The highly anticipated Fullerton Shadows Festival arrives with plenty of bone chilling entertainment and revelry. Presented by the Muckenthaler Cultural Center and Fullerton’s theatre community, the Fullerton Shadows Festival is the month-long celebration of the supernatural theme of horror, mystery and science fiction. There will be an exclusive production of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous stories