Local Writer Stages Renewed “Hate”

Local playwright Joel Beers ventures into the Kelly Thomas beating and its effects on the future of law enforcement in Fullerton and beyond.

Mark Stouffer

The play has always been the most political form of art. Theme, plot, and satire can express a realm of larger concepts than the song or the painting can. So it is interesting to see a locally written political play that explores some of the issues of a local political event that has divided the local political community. The arts community in Fullerton continues to explore the visceral hor

2nd Annual Art Walk

Mark Stouffer

The 2nd Annual Art Walk was concentrated (mostly) into the Civic Plaza next to the Museum Center. The location seemed to bring more families to the event. Concessions operated stands and the beer garden was open at FMC. The FMC's small auditorium also hosted an Improv presentation by Stages Theatre.

“Subterfuge” At Stages

Mark Stouffer

What happens when a grieving young widow starts to explore questions about her family’s past? This is the somber scenario that opens Stages latest afternoon offering. The all-female cast bring four different characters to life in a small antique and book store in Ohio in this play by Tiina Mittler. Action begins after the funeral for heart-broken Laurel’s (Candice M. Clasby) husband, Jack. Frien

Mamet’s “American Buffalo” In Play at Stages

Mark Stouffer

The crowd at the theater always tells you something about the show. The audience at Stages Theatre changes for the different types of plays they perform. Last Saturday’s audience for their production of David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” was an adventurous, bright-eyed crowd. They looked like they were expecting something. The play opened in Chicago in 1975 and went on to Broadway two years l

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Stages Shows “Death of a Salesman”

Mark Stouffer

The Stages Theater succeeds in their production of "Death of a Salesman", a controversial play that debuted in 1949 and quickly won a Pulitzer Prize. This review is in two parts; the production and performance of the play, and because the 61 year old play focuses on a topic that is still quite relevant today, there is an analysis of the theme. The Performance

Stages Theater: Twilight Zone

Mark Stouffer

Under the direction of Stages legend Darri Kristin Stages Theater has unlocked a door with their imagination and embarked on an journey through… The Twilight Zone. Through mid July they will be staging a sequence of Twilight Zone shorts, two at a time.


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Mark Stouffer

Cases are backed up in the divine courtroom but the time is nigh for rendering a final verdict in the case of The Kingdom of Heaven v. Judas Iscariot. This 2005 Stephen Guirgis play now showing at Stages Theater was first staged off-Broadway. The cast of 20+ is speckled with stars and they get to shine during the 2+ hours. It has a modern feel, and boldly cross-examines witnesses to the death of


Stages Does Live Radio “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Mark Stouffer

“You've got your wish. You've never been born.”     --- Clarence Stages Theater is doing a live radio version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” complete with foley artist and words from their sponsor, Ducks Toilet Cake©.

Poe Plays @Stages

Mark Stouffer

As part of the Fullerton Shadows Festival (FullertonShadows.org) Stages Theater presents a selection of Poe stories adapted as plays by Sean Engard. The ensemble cast (I think I counted 14 people on stage at one point) portray 5 (6 on Sundays) stories  from the classic writer in a new light. Costumes are minimal but makeup is not. The old man in “The Tale-Tell Heart” actually has a pale blue, vult

Shadows and Light – The “Lady in Black” @ Stages

Mark Stouffer

I expected that a haunting story involving ghosts, stone mansions, ancient causeways & sea frets (a wet haze coming in from the sea) would not do well in this age of HD, CGI, and special effects. But the original type of theater in 3D can still carry some unexpected surprises. Ryan O’Melia plays the role of Arthur Kipps, a distraught lawyer who hires an actor to tutor him in the art of story tell