Alternate View of the Verdict Protests

An inside look at the Kelly Thomas verdict protests. While the mainstream media reports that the protests "turned violent", the truth is more interesting. (photos by Ed Carrasco)

Mark Stouffer

Ed Carrasco

The not-guilty verdict in the Kelly Thomas trial wraps up the first phase for those seeking justice in the case of the fatal police beating in the middle if the Fullerton Transportation Center. Up until now the protests have been markedly different than those seen in other cities. While windows were broken in nearby Anaheim protests and the police came out in riot gear, the Fullerton protes

Council Approves Lease of Hunt Branch Library

GMI Agrees to Pay $1,500 Per Month for the Historic 4-Story Building

Alex Stouffer

Council passed a motion Tuesday night to enter into an eighteen month lease of the Hunt Branch Library with Grace Ministries International (GMI).  The 3-2 decision allows the congregation to rent 4,500 sq. ft. of the entire Hunt Branch property (approx. 10,000 sq. ft.) for $1,500 per month. A six month option is attached to the agreement which would allow GMI to extend rent on a month

Hunt Branch On Possible Short-Term Lease (Council Preview)

Grace Ministries Seeks Temporary Office Space During Renovation

Alex Stouffer

Writen By Ed Carrasco A proposal to lease the shuttered Hunt Branch Library to religious organization Grace Ministries International for $1,500 a month will go to the City Council tonight. The fate of the Hunt Branch Library has been debated since February when the Library Board of Trustees voted to temporarily close the facility for emergency reasons. The branch is next door to wha

Mayor To Hold Discussion at the Hunt Branch Library

Mayor Bruce Whitaker will hold his next monthly discussion, "Talk Around Town", at the closed Hunt Branch Library.

Ed Carrasco

Months after the City of Fullerton closed the Hunt Branch Library for safety reasons, it will be the site for this month’s “Talk Around Town” with Mayor Bruce Whitaker this Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Like his previous “Talk Around Town” events on the fourth Tuesday of every month, this will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions about any of the current issues affecting Fullerton rangin

Protesters Stage Sleep-In

To publicize the ticketing of homeless people for camping violations, activists stage a sleep-in at the bus station.

Ed Carrasco

Protesters staged a “sleep-in” at the Fullerton Transportation Center Tuesday night to bring attention to the police’s ramped enforcement of the unlawful camping law that has disproportionately affected the homeless. Dozens of people attended the demonstration where community activist Stephan Baxter fulfilled his promise to sleep in front of the bus station if the Fullerton City Council did

Community Activists Plan "Sleep-In" Protesting Illegal Camping Tickets

Will Council Put A Moratorium On City Ordinance?

Ed Carrasco

A Fullerton community activist is pressuring the City Council to support a moratorium on the police department’s enforcement of the city’s unlawful camping ordinance that has disproportionately targeted the homeless community this summer. Stephan Baxter is encouraging his supporters to go to tonight’s City Council meeting and tell the panel to put the moratorium on the agenda. If the

State Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva Talks to The Fullertonian

Former Fullerton Mayor sits down with The Fullertonian to discuss state politics and its local effects.

Ed Carrasco

In a stunning upset last November, former Fullerton mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva defeated incumbent State Assembly Member Chris Norby in his quest for a second full term. Her victory helped the Democratic Party win a supermajority in the Assembly and also gave Orange County Democrats more clout. Currently, she serves on the Transportation, Higher Education, Accountability and Administrative Revie

DUI Checkpoint Results: 8/29/2013

One DUI Arrest Made During Screening

Alex Stouffer

According to info from Fullerton Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Jeff Stuart, last Thursday's DUI Checkpoint yielded one DUI arrest out of 210 vehicles screened. The checkpoint began on August 29th, near the intersection of Lemon and Commonwealth Avenue, and took place between the hours of 8:30 PM and 2:00 AM. 

Police To Set Up DUI Checkpoint in Downtown Thursday Night

First Official Checkpoint Since June 15th

Ed Carrasco

Police will set up a DUI checkpoint Thursday night in Downtown Fullerton to catch suspected drunk drivers. As part of a new traffic safety grant for an anti-DUI program, the Fullerton Police Department will be posted in the Downtown stretch of Commonwealth Avenue at an undisclosed intersection. It will be the first official DUI checkpoint since June 15, when the police set up one on H

Fullerton Organizations Begin Firework Sales For 4th of July

15 Locations and Causes To Choose From

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton will allow the sale of “Safe and Sane” fireworks for the first time in more than two decades starting today until July 4. Fireworks are prohibited in Fire Hazard Areas and in public schools and parks.  

Tent City & The Homeless

Q & A With Sgt. Jeff Stuart

Alex Stouffer

While the discussion about where to place a shelter has been postponed since the city council voted to declined a Multi-Jurisdictional Agreement with the County of Orange, the camp that grew for about a year near the Hunt Branch Library was dismantled. Fullerton PD's Public Information Officer, Sgt. Jeff Stuart, gave us some information from the PD's side of the camps existence. Here is his

Shelter Agreement Shelved

Council Majority Votes Yes In Rejecting Agreement With County of Orange

Ed Carrasco

Strong opposition from East Fullerton residents prompted the Fullerton City Council to narrowly reject a multi-jurisdictional agreement on a proposed homeless shelter on State College Boulevard.  

On Agenda: Food Truck Prohibition and The Future of Hunt Library

A Preview of Tuesday's Council Meeting, June 4th.

Ed Carrasco

The fate of the Hunt Branch library and a proposal banning food trucks from operating in Downtown Fullerton in the evenings will be discussed at Tuesday’s Fullerton City Council regular meeting.  

Homeless Shelter Plans

In a marathon City Council meeting the council heard opposing comments on homeless shelter plans.

Ed Carrasco

In one of the longest Fullerton City Council meetings in recent memory, the panel delayed a decision Tuesday night on a multi-jurisdictional agreement that would set guidelines for an emergency homeless shelter close to an elementary school in east Fullerton. Council members like Mayor Pro Tem Doug Chaffee wanted this rewritten and brought back another time to show that a multi-jurisdiction

Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. in Fullerton

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong.

David Leos

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong. Co-Curator, Stephan Baxter, discusses

Fireworks Vendors Can Apply By Lottery

The city council sets the rules and rates for fireworks vendors.

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton nonprofit organizations who want to raise funds by selling fireworks at one of 15 stands can apply for a lottery starting March 4. The guidelines also open up limited sales of fireworks within the city by 15 non-profit organizations ranging from churches to public schools. Fireworks booths in the city can sell “safe and sane” fireworks starting July 1. Hours of operation at standa

Asinine Claims & Ethical Journalism

Davis Barber Discusses What Fair & Balanced, Unbiased Journalism Means

Alex Stouffer

27 Minute Edited Version:

Ben Lira Speaks Publicly Against Dan Hughes Appointment During City Council

Dan Hughes Still Appointed Unanimously As Official Chief

Alex Stouffer

Former Fullerton Officer Benjamin Lira was the first to make a public comment on January 16th the night of Dan Hughes contractual confirmation to Chief of Police. Driving in from out of state to make an appearance during the meeting, Lira was accompanied by three large gentlemen who provided security in the council chambers, while a driver waited nearby at an undisclosed location. The following

Civic Leaders Given Poor Information From Emergency Information Services

Poor Info Can Lead to Poor Decisions

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton officials did not get enough information from state and federal officials about a hoax that started as a potential plutonium scare in Downtown last week, Mayor Bruce Whitaker told the Fullertonian. “We were given sketchy information about the type of threat that it was and we were warned to keep this under wraps or from saying anything publicly,” he said days after The Fullertonia

Assembly Member Quirk-Silva Begins Work, Gets Committee Assignments

A District 65 Press Release

Alex Stouffer

Sacramento—Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) began her first day representing the 65th District in Assembly session with three new committee assignments. In addition to chairing select committees on job creation and regional transportation, Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva will sit on the Assembly  Committees for Transportation, Higher Education and Accountability and Administrative Revie

FMR. Officer CJ Bradley's Response to "The Nordell's & The Captains Son's Narcotics Unit".

Alex Stouffer

On December 23rd at 10:12 AM a comment was made on The Fullertonian page through Facebook from a profile claiming to be Craig Bradley. The profile seemed to be pretty sparse, as if just created. We recently validated the post on January 3rd through Fullerton Police Public Information Officer Jeff Stuart, and this letter did indeed come from the retired officer himself regarding the claims Offic

Dan Hughes Appointed as Official Chief of Fullerton PD

City Manager Joe Felz has been authorized to enter contract negotiations.

Alex Stouffer

A wave of support was given to Dan Hughes in the council chambers during the meeting on December 19th, even from public speakers and council members who didn't believe it was the right time to appoint a new chief. On one side of the argument, Dan Hughes supporters state that he had done a great job in his +10 month period as the Acting Chief of Fullerton PD. If the city of Fullerton would open t

The Nordell's & The Captain's Son's Narcotics Unit

Officer Lira Points To The Nordell House Raid As a Consequence of Nepotism Within FPD

Alex Stouffer

On October 20th 2010, Robyn Nordell and her family had a mistaken encounter with FPD when the department's narcotics unit mistakenly raided their home in search of a parollee living near by. Confusion from the officers on the address happened when officers raided Nordell's house from the rear entrance. The correct address was West of her house's location.  According to Ben Lira, the officer

Fullerton Installs New Council Members

Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory take their seats on the Council, while Bruce Whitaker and Doug Chaffee are Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem respectively.

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton conducted its annual changing of the guard Tuesday night as the City Council added two new members and a new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. City Clerk Lucinda Williams swore in newcomers Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory as well as incumbent Council Member Bruce Whitaker for a term that ends in 2016. Fitzgerald and Flory replace Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva, who is now a State Assemblywoman an

Ben Lira

Ben Lira Interview

Ben Lira speaks to the Fullertonian about his experience at the Fullerton Police Department

Mark Stouffer

Your browser does not support the audio element. This is the raw audio from our interview with officer Ben Lira from the Fullerton Police Department. We are presenting it unedited because we think the citizens should have access to this information.  Lira alleged to KFI on Thursday, November 29th, that Officer Dan Hughes played a key r