Preview: Hibbleton's Show To Save Mike Atta

Alex Stouffer

In a show that's been pulled together in the time frame of about two weeks, dozens of supporters have made generous donations to help assist vintage shop owner Mike Atta in raising funds for treating cancer which has spread throughout the man's kidneys and lungs.  Featured at Hibbleton tonight, Friday January 4th, is a culmination of punk rock posters, albums, and original works of art that ce

Fullerton Punks Raise Funds To Help Mike Atta's Battle With Cancer

Bennefit Concert To Be Hosted At The Echoplex

Alex Stouffer

A respected member of the Fullerton community has been diagnosed with cancer which has recently spread to his lungs. Mike Atta is not only the co-owner of Out of Vogue, but also a Pioneer of the OC Punk scene. In his youth, Mike and his brothers formed a band called The Middle Class, which printed their first album in 78' entitled "Out of Vogue".

Johnpaul Milligan and Damion Lane

Uh-oh Records Interview With Damion Lane

An independent label's stance on old gear, new music, and the town they live in.

Alex Stouffer

Have you been keeping an eye out for some independent record labels in Fullerton? Music fanatics have been building a community by taking every aspect of the music industry and finding ways to do it themselves. Johnpaul Milligan (shown left) and Damion Lane (shown right) joined that group when they decided to venture into building a label of their own. Uh-oh! Records has been producing mus

A Fullertonian Among California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Finalists

The couple could be the twelfth such honorees.

Mark Stouffer

Lisa "Lee" (Kersten) Webb of Fullerton, along with her dance partner Essex Lina of Riverside, are among five couples from the entire state to be named finalists for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame! What began as purely a hobby of social dancing resulted in career changes for both, and now they are being recognized for their impact and contribution to the dance world. Through their l

Americana Del Guaqeros

Punk roots fuse with Americana, forming a band led by Fullerton local Albert Garcia.

Alex Stouffer

Albert Garcia is a homegrown musician whose roots in punk were established at the same time our town was becoming a hub for the burgeoning counterculture. However, talented musicians are constantly pursuing new paths and destinations, which led Albert Garcia to his latest endevour. The band’s name, Guaqeros, directly translates to "grave robbers," but Garcia insists that he’s only digging throu

"Mic Check 1234!" Samples Adolescents

Producer Max Tannone samples from among one of many Fullerton-based pioneers of punk.

Alex Stouffer

The thought of fusing Punk music with Rap might sound weird to some people, but it's been around at least as long as the Beastie Boys. This fusion is heading in an upward trend, and the most recent experimentation can be heard in this mashup from Max Tannone featuring vocals from Nas' “I Want to Talk to You” and the Fullerton-based Adolescents' "Kids of the Black Hole

Tune Talks: June Humor

Alex Stouffer


Tuesday @ Burger Records – White Murder, Fawn Spots, and Sky Drake

Alex Stouffer

January 24, 2012. 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM 645 S. State College BLVD., Fullerton, CA 92831 Don’t park in front!

Dillinger Escape Plan Streams A Live Show From Fullerton

Alex Stouffer

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2Mex Visits The Slidebar

Ed Carrasco

Rapper 2Mex of the underground hip hop group The Visionaries paid a visit to the Slidebar Thursday and enlightened the crowd with his complex rap schemes. Here are some highlights of his performance in photos:

The House Music Romanza Built

Alex Stouffer

Local musicians cover all types of genres, and in this century being an audiophile comes at the click of a mouse. Fullertonian, Paulino Aldana, has played previously as a guitarist for a couple bands, but an influence in electronic dance music pushed him in a new direction. Now he spends most of his musical creativity on mixing together tracks with disco and house samples. Fullertonian: I'm likin


Futuristic Hip Hop Beats: eLan

Alex Stouffer

Elan Stouffer began making music at his parents house in Inglewood when he was 16. I remember checking out some of his beats when he first got a hold of his MPC. Everything was played on-the-fly, and it seemed to focus and improve his abilities of using improvisation and syncopated beats. He still uses the same MPC that he started with, but his career in music didn’t launch forward until he gradua

Devon Williams Starts His Tour in Fullerton

Alex Stouffer

This Friday an all-ages show at Burger Records features Devon Williams as they begin their tour California. Two shows will also take place along the pacific coast as they play in Oregon and Washington. Their new LP/CD “Euphoria” was released today via Slumberland Records.


Alex Stouffer

Dj’s have made an impact on how live musicians interpret a genre. Those who might disagree need look no further than the Breakestra. The name is in fact a reference to the break beats that started the hip-hop movement in the South Bronx during the 1970’s. This eight piece band led by Bass player Miles “Music Man” Tackett took the stage at Commonwealth Lounge on Sunday night. It was a crowd mixed w

The Mumlers & Afghan Hounds

Alex Stouffer


The Ataris in Town

Mark Stouffer

Kris Roe from the Ataris played an acoustic set for a packed house at Slidebar on Saturday night. The adoring crowd sang along while Roe dominated the stage. The lead singer/rythm guitarist has been touring the country doing acoustic shows while the band records their latest CD, “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”. Recording had begun in 2008. The band’s cover of Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer” was

Orange SkyBlue Releases “Laurel Canyon” LP

Alex Stouffer

Fullerton locals, Orange SkyBlue, are releasing a full length LP entitled Laurel Canyon. The release has been anticipated by the band, but what ads to the intrigue of their latest album is that a few of their tracks got picked up by a straight-to-DVD movie, entitled When did you guys start working with Laurel Canyon’s producer Luke Tierney?

Track Fanatic Interview: The Shivers Bring “More” To Town

Alex Stouffer

Music is constantly being fused into new and innovative takes on what’s been deemed as conventional. Instances of this have been recorded throughout the history of Jazz, Rock, etc. The Shivers don’t necessarily have the impact of a new genre, but the band is evolving and they are contributing a new perspective in how they write songs using folk, rock and soul. They blend influence from rock legend

Track Fanatic Interview: Lily Bee’s “Daydream At Midnight”

Alex Stouffer

Lily Bee’s First Video, “They Don’t Make Em’ Like You”.  

Talking Music: Hansel Tato From Su Blah Nu

Alex Stouffer


Love Grenades At Commonwealth Lounge – April 11th

Alex Stouffer

Show me a lack of interest towards the indie electro genre, and I’ll show you the sounds of Love Grenades. Stunning singer/songwriter Elizabeth Wight originally wrote the songs as a side project, but the spike of positive response to their catchy licks, and Wight’s sultry singing has spiraled into getting her band discovered by Australian producer Sam Sparro. She and her fellow musicians with

Mono/Poly’s New EP: Manifestations

Alex Stouffer


Helmet at Slidebar

Mark Stouffer

Noise rock alt metal band Helmet was the latest in a long string of big name bands to hit the Sidebar indoor stage. Coming out of a six week hiatus lead singer Page Hamilton said he was happy to play for such a rockin’ crowd. Local band Sedera opened for them and played a really rocking set. When Helmet came on they reminisced about the show they both did up in Alaska. Then they played songs from



Crystallynn Byrne

Connor Crowe and Haream Hyun are Damonos. They are a relatively new group that targets all ages. Damonos have performed locally in Fullerton as well as Los Angeles. They are very much rooted in the Electro House scene with their own unique sound to create the feel of originality. Damonos have a burning desire for recognition from Fullerton locals as well as people all around Orange County. T


Jeremy Sole and Quantic

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