Officer Benjamin Lira Breaks the Blue Code of Silence

The first allegations regarding corruption within FPD to come from a cop themselves.

Alex Stouffer

KFI began reporting yesterday, Thursday November 29th, on a letter that had been sent to City Manager Joe Felz by Fullerton officer Benjamin Lira. Within the letter below, Lira alleges misconduct that has been occuring with the higher ups at FPD including Acting Captain Dan Hughes who is at the top of the list to become the new permanent Chief of Fullerton Police Department:  From: Ben

OCDA Press Release On Wolfe Charges

The official press release on the charges levied against former officer Joe Wolfe.

Alex Stouffer

This is the source document regarding Joe Wolfe's araignment and resulting charges from his involvement in the Kelly Thomas case. Wolfe faces up to four years in state prison on one felony count of involuntary manslaughter and one felony count of the use of excessive force, if convicted. A pre-trial is to take place on November 2nd of this year.  

KFI Reports: Charges To Be Filed Against Joe Wolfe

A 3rd Officer has yet to be charged in the Kelly Thomas Case, but sources say it's in the works.

Alex Stouffer

Sources reported to KFI earlier today that Officer Joe Wolfe will be placed on criminal charges from the O.C. District Attorney's Office regarding his involvement in the Kelly Thomas beating that occured July 5, 2011. The D.A. has not commented on any details, and it is currently unclear as to when or what charges will filed against Wolfe. He will be the third officer to be brought up on crimin

Acting Chief Hughes Will Clear Kelly Thomas' Name

Ron Thomas makes announcement of Tuesday council meeting on Facebook.

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes will announce that Kelly Thomas will be cleared of wrongdoing at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, made the news public on Facebook.

Local Writer Stages Renewed “Hate”

Local playwright Joel Beers ventures into the Kelly Thomas beating and its effects on the future of law enforcement in Fullerton and beyond.

Mark Stouffer

The play has always been the most political form of art. Theme, plot, and satire can express a realm of larger concepts than the song or the painting can. So it is interesting to see a locally written political play that explores some of the issues of a local political event that has divided the local political community. The arts community in Fullerton continues to explore the visceral hor

Council Receives Final Report from Office of Independent Review Regarding Fullerton Police Department

The City's Press Release regarding the Gennaco Report.

Alex Stouffer

The following is written on behalf of the City of Fullerton: After completing a preliminary report in February, and concluding numerous internal affairs investigations, Michael Gennaco, president of the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review, presented the Fullerton City Council with his final report tonight detailing his internal audit of the Fullerton Police Department (FPD). The compre

Fullerton Council Rejects Police Outsourcing Analysis

Strong show of support for Fullerton Police as many attendees wear light blue "We Love Fullerton Police" T-shirts.

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton’s City Council voted 3-2 against conducting a “preliminary analysis” to outsource the city’s policing. Hundreds packed the meeting, with nearly unanimous support for the Fullerton Police Department. Police issues has been a paramount issue in Fullerton since the beating death of homeless man Kelly Thomas last year.

Fullerton Council To Decide Next Police Chief

Council introduces resolution to take over from City Manager in deciding head of the police department.

Ed Carrasco

Fullerton’s City Council will likely take over from City Manager Joe Felz in deciding the next police chief, thanks to a 4-1 vote Tuesday. The vote was part of a special City Council meeting which included items about city pensions, city communications and the Slidebar 911 call.

City Releases Kelly Thomas 911 Call

Slidebar call claims Kelly was in fact checking car door handles.

Alex Stouffer

Slidebar manager Jeanette DeMarco indeed claimed that Kelly Thomas was checking car door handles in the 911 audio recording released by the City of Fullerton. Although DeMarco's name has been striken from the recording in order provide safety, she has already received official exposure to blame when former Slidebar Bouncer Michael Reeves filed a lawsuit against his previous employeer. Reeves cl

Ron and Kelly

Ron Thomas Sues Two Ex-Police Chiefs, Six Officers, and the City For Beating of Kelly Thomas on Anniversary of Event

Barely a week after McKinley vacates his council seat due to recall, and one year since the fatal beating of Kelly Thomas, Ron Thomas sues him and ex-police chief Mike Sellers.

Ed Carrasco

Barely a week after McKinley vacated his council seat due to recall and one year since the fatal beating of Kelly Thomas, Ron Thomas has sued him and ex-police chief Mike Sellers. Both police chiefs have been accused by critics, especially from those seeking justice for Kelly Thomas, of a lack of leadership and instituting a police culture that led to the man’s beating one year ago today th

Kelly Thomas and The Fourth of July

How the events of the 5th of July 2011 shed light on the events of The Fourth of July, 1776

Mark Stouffer

This article is a collection of ideas that I have formed over the last year. Some of them are observations about the Kelly Thomas beating. Some are observations of people’s responses to it. Some are just observations about people, and living among them. What I will try to do is tie them together for you. I want to show you how these ideas, that may seem distant and unrelated, are actually l

Fullerton Blogger Gets $1,000 Bandwidth Bill, Sends Tab to Linkers gets original $50,000 bandwidth bill for Kelly Thomas video reduced to $1,000

Mark Stouffer

Local news blogging is not all fun and games. Sometimes it gets downright serious. Like when covered the release of the Kelly Thomas video. The highly anticipated city surveillance video was released last month, ten months after the incident happened and just days before the local city council elections. was the first website to post the video.

$4 Million Lawsuit Alleges Slidebar Made False Claims in Kelly Thomas Police Call

A lawsuit filed Friday June 8 on behalf of ex-employee claims wrongful termination and falsified police report in fatal police beating case.

Ed Carrasco

A former Slidebar employee has filed a wrongful termination suit for $4 million against his employer, alleging that management tried to cover up its involvement in the police response that led to Kelly Thomas’s beating death last July. The lawsuit was filed last Friday in Orange County Superior Court by Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson, the law firm representing Michael Reeves. It alleges that

Dick Jones and Pat McKinley left the city council chambers after hearing the stinging election results.

Fullerton Rebukes City Hall in Recall Election

All three recall targets have been kicked off the city council with a resounding 66% of votes each.

Ed Carrasco

After an 11-month saga spurred by the beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton Police, Fullertonians overwhelmingly supported the recall of Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead and Councilmen F. Richard Jones and Pat McKinley Tuesday. With all 87 precincts reporting, voters decided two-to-one on each target that they wanted a change in the City Council, with Tony Bushala-backed candidates Travis Ki

Local Activist Speaks Out About the Inaction of Leaders

Stephan Baxter: Kelly Thomas didn't die of exposure. He didn't die of hunger. He died of cop.

Mark Stouffer

"Kelly Thomas didn't die of exposure, he didn't die of hunger: He died of cop. --Stephan Baxter  

The squeaky wheel.

Recall 2012: Jane Rands Interview

Jane Rands answers pointed questions about her recall bid.

Mark Stouffer

This is the very first installment from our interviews with candidates.

Matt Rowe speaks to the public.

Why Three Chaffee Supporters Will Vote for Matt Rowe Instead

Why Three Chaffee Supporters Are Voting for Matt Rowe in the Recall Election

Stephan Baxter

Noelle Baxter

As we continue to learn about new indignities which were forced upon a local homeless man named Kelly Thomas, whilst he was being beaten to death by up to six Fullerton police officers, we can no longer in good conscience support Doug Chaffee in his latest bid to become a Fullerton City Council Member. Instead, we have decided to put all our energy and resources behind Matt Rowe.  Unlike Chaffe

Ron Thomas speaks to the media.

Kelly Thomas Remembered On His Birthday

Ed Carrasco

Friends, family and other supporters of Kelly Thomas gathered at the site Thursday where he was beaten to death by police officers in July to celebrate his birthday. He would have turned 38. More than two dozen people, including Acting Chief Danny Hughes and Councilman Bruce Whitaker, joined the Thomas family in celebrating his life with song, balloons and birthday cake.

Gennaco's Interim Report On Kelly Thomas; Injuries Not Caused by Thomas

Alex Stouffer

The Office of Independent Review has released a 5-1/2 page report detailing key points regarding issues surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas, and how the department might improve its policies and processes. The investigation led by Michael Gennaco concluded that "OIR Group has found no evidence of intent by the Police Department to deceive or falsify [information]", however no overt insight wa

Chief Sellers Sets Retirement Date

Mark Stouffer

A press release from city hall today informs us that beleaguered Police Chief Michael Sellers has set a date for retirement. After many months of medical leave Sellers will be retiring on February 18th. The Chief has been on paid medical leave since August 9th due to an undisclosed medical condition.

The Year in Rear-View

Mark Stouffer

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time the Fullertonian was just a sleepy little business promo paper that didn't report any news. The Coyote Hills development was on a six-month moretoreum and that was the most controversial issue in front of the city council. And we thought those coyote hills people were loud! A year ago people were still guessing when we would get out of the

Police to Undergo Transient Sensitivity Training

Mark Stouffer

The Fullerton Police Department has begun the process of providing officers with homeless and mentally ill crisis intervention training. Such training is one of the first suggestions made by Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, after the fatal consequences of the police’s handling of a questioning session with Kelly, who was homeless and mentally ill. New Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva and others also

Recall NO! Rally

Mark Stouffer

Control of City Hall is very much in question as Recall/Anti-Recall drives are organized around town. The Recall group has been out in force for over a month, in front of grocery stores and walking door-to-door.

Training: A Complimentary Piece but Nowhere Near the Root of the Problem

Joey Cadavid

Training is important part of the police department and classes are necessary, however this was not the cause of the problem. If we take officer Rincon as an example; would we really want an officer who needs a class on how to not sexually molest 12 women? (the City has filed the papers to fire him). The officers who attacked Kelly Thomas shot him multiple times in the chest with a taser; they are

Common Ground: Aisle Crossing

Mark Stouffer

Last week we commented on the road ahead from the Kelly Thomas case and it’s aftermath. We said that the issue behind this case was the right that Kelly Thomas was denied, that it was the most basic of rights, the right to life. We said it was the most basic right because it could not be exchanged for any other right. This is the right that Tony Rackauckas was referring to when he said “…citizens