Several Agencies Respond To Plutonium Threat in Fullerton

Ricky Stauffer's Photos Led Us to An Anaheim FD Report

Alex Stouffer

Last Friday, January 4th, during Fullerton’s monthly art walk an operation was dispatched involving multiple law enforcement agencies to the Fullerton Police Department. An informant for DHS placed a tip that he was in possession of plutonium, which turned out to be false. I was first informed of this by Michelle Kearney and Marlena Carrillo when walking back to my car on Amerige

FMR. Officer CJ Bradley's Response to "The Nordell's & The Captains Son's Narcotics Unit".

Alex Stouffer

On December 23rd at 10:12 AM a comment was made on The Fullertonian page through Facebook from a profile claiming to be Craig Bradley. The profile seemed to be pretty sparse, as if just created. We recently validated the post on January 3rd through Fullerton Police Public Information Officer Jeff Stuart, and this letter did indeed come from the retired officer himself regarding the claims Offic

Dan Hughes Appointed as Official Chief of Fullerton PD

City Manager Joe Felz has been authorized to enter contract negotiations.

Alex Stouffer

A wave of support was given to Dan Hughes in the council chambers during the meeting on December 19th, even from public speakers and council members who didn't believe it was the right time to appoint a new chief. On one side of the argument, Dan Hughes supporters state that he had done a great job in his +10 month period as the Acting Chief of Fullerton PD. If the city of Fullerton would open t

Three Suspects Caught, Two Sought At CSUF

Five Suspects Flee From A Jewelry Store Robbery And Wind Up At CSUF.

Alex Stouffer

In the most recent reports from NBC News an alleged robbery of a jewelry store that originated in Moreno Valley has led to a high speed pursuit of a group of suspects that fled on foot through CSUF Campus. One suspect hijacked a car off Nutwood and continued a pursuit through Compton until he abondoned the car in Watts. Police apprehended the suspect shortly after in a baseball field at Imp

Officer Benjamin Lira Breaks the Blue Code of Silence

The first allegations regarding corruption within FPD to come from a cop themselves.

Alex Stouffer

KFI began reporting yesterday, Thursday November 29th, on a letter that had been sent to City Manager Joe Felz by Fullerton officer Benjamin Lira. Within the letter below, Lira alleges misconduct that has been occuring with the higher ups at FPD including Acting Captain Dan Hughes who is at the top of the list to become the new permanent Chief of Fullerton Police Department:  From: Ben

Luis Alberto Pineda Convicted of Child Molestation

The Karate Instructor/Youth Soccer Coach Faces 255 Years To Life.

Alex Stouffer

From the OCDA's Office: A youth sports coach was convicted [Nov. 6th] of sexually assaulting eleven of his students whom he met through his coaching jobs. Luis Alberto Pineda, 31, Anaheim, was found guilty by a jury of 17 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14, two felony counts each of sodomy by force, sodomy of a person under the age of 16, oral copulation of a minor under 16, lewd

KFI Reports: Charges To Be Filed Against Joe Wolfe

A 3rd Officer has yet to be charged in the Kelly Thomas Case, but sources say it's in the works.

Alex Stouffer

Sources reported to KFI earlier today that Officer Joe Wolfe will be placed on criminal charges from the O.C. District Attorney's Office regarding his involvement in the Kelly Thomas beating that occured July 5, 2011. The D.A. has not commented on any details, and it is currently unclear as to when or what charges will filed against Wolfe. He will be the third officer to be brought up on crimin

Cicinelli And Ramos Trials Creep Closer and Closer

A reminder about upcoming court dates for the two officers alleged of malpractice in the line of duty.

Alex Stouffer

Here's the most recent update regarding the case of Cicinelli and Ramos. Their next court appointment is for a pre-trial hearing taking place on November 30th. The DA's lips are sealed in regards to a grand jury verdict whether to indict officer Joe Wolfe as a third officer to be called into question regarding the alleged excessive use of force against Kelly Thomas that took place on July 5th 2

City Releases Kelly Thomas 911 Call

Slidebar call claims Kelly was in fact checking car door handles.

Alex Stouffer

Slidebar manager Jeanette DeMarco indeed claimed that Kelly Thomas was checking car door handles in the 911 audio recording released by the City of Fullerton. Although DeMarco's name has been striken from the recording in order provide safety, she has already received official exposure to blame when former Slidebar Bouncer Michael Reeves filed a lawsuit against his previous employeer. Reeves cl

Ron Thomas Says Manual Ramos is Fired. PD Legally Can't Say.

Has Manual Ramos Seen His Last Days At FPD?

Alex Stouffer

Last night during the opening reception of PÄS' protest show honoring the life of Kelly Thomas, Art With An Agenda, Ron Thomas reported to the attending audience that Officer Manual Ramos has been fired from Fullerton Police Department. Other officers, currently unnamed, are undergoing proceedings. We called the police department and the receiving officer stated that the claim could not be

Kelly Thomas and The Fourth of July

How the events of the 5th of July 2011 shed light on the events of The Fourth of July, 1776

Mark Stouffer

This article is a collection of ideas that I have formed over the last year. Some of them are observations about the Kelly Thomas beating. Some are observations of people’s responses to it. Some are just observations about people, and living among them. What I will try to do is tie them together for you. I want to show you how these ideas, that may seem distant and unrelated, are actually l

On The Run For 769 Bucks

A 99-Cent Store employee is the suspect.

Alex Stouffer

A 99-Cent Store employee showed up for work in the morning on June 16th, but when the employee left for a lunch break, he never came back. Upon the managers checking of his till, it was discovered that the drawer was short $769. According to Sergeant Jeff Stuart of the Fullerton Police Department, officers followed up by checking the suspect's place of residence. However, he had moved out, and

$4 Million Lawsuit Alleges Slidebar Made False Claims in Kelly Thomas Police Call

A lawsuit filed Friday June 8 on behalf of ex-employee claims wrongful termination and falsified police report in fatal police beating case.

Ed Carrasco

A former Slidebar employee has filed a wrongful termination suit for $4 million against his employer, alleging that management tried to cover up its involvement in the police response that led to Kelly Thomas’s beating death last July. The lawsuit was filed last Friday in Orange County Superior Court by Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson, the law firm representing Michael Reeves. It alleges that

Transient Sex Offender Convicted And Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Girl On Bus

Alex Stouffer

March 20, 2012 - A transient sex offender was convicted and sentenced to two years in state prison today for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl on a bus by rubbing his erect penis against her after approaching her from behind. Curtis Michael Regulus, 40, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of lewd acts upon a 14-year-old child who is at least 10 years younger and one felony count of assault

Officer Injured When Traffic Suspect Flees

Mark Stouffer

A traffic stop went wrong this afternoon when the suspect abandoned a child in the vehicle and fled on foot. Witnesses reported that an Asian man with long hair was sitting on the curb while being questioned by police at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Harbor Boulevard. The man became agitated and then fled on foot, leaving a small child in the Nissan Titan he was pulled over in.

Hit and Run Crash While Fleeing Jewelry Heist

Alex Stouffer

Shortly after attempting to rob All Phases Jewelry Store at 521 W. Commonwealth Ave. two cars fled the scene. One of the robbery suspects had been shot by the owner of the store, during the robbery, which thwarted the attempt. One group of suspects driving a late model Chevy Suburban spun around the corner of Malden and Amerige Ave. and crashed into a 63' Ford Falcon belonging to the owner of M

Gennaco's Interim Report On Kelly Thomas; Injuries Not Caused by Thomas

Alex Stouffer

The Office of Independent Review has released a 5-1/2 page report detailing key points regarding issues surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas, and how the department might improve its policies and processes. The investigation led by Michael Gennaco concluded that "OIR Group has found no evidence of intent by the Police Department to deceive or falsify [information]", however no overt insight wa

Police to Undergo Transient Sensitivity Training

Mark Stouffer

The Fullerton Police Department has begun the process of providing officers with homeless and mentally ill crisis intervention training. Such training is one of the first suggestions made by Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, after the fatal consequences of the police’s handling of a questioning session with Kelly, who was homeless and mentally ill. New Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva and others also

Police seek public’s help in identifying sexual assault suspect

Alex Stouffer

Police are looking for the public’s help in identifying a man suspected in a sexual assault that occurred near the Fullerton College campus last month.     Fullerton Police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said that at about 8:45 a.m. on Oct. 12, a female victim had parked her car in the area of Berkeley and Hornet, just north of Fullerton College. She was walking to the campus when she was approached by a

Cicinelli/Ramos Pre-Trial Hearing Pushed Back

Alex Stouffer

The pre-trial hearing for the defendants in the death of Kelly Thomas has been postponed till December 16th. The case will be handled by judge Erick Larsh. Both parties pled not guilty during their arraignment and will be defended by attorney Case Barnett . Manuel Ramos faces one charge of 2nd degree murder and one charge of involuntary manslaughter. Jay Cicinelli faces one count of involuntary ma

Recall NO! Rally

Mark Stouffer

Control of City Hall is very much in question as Recall/Anti-Recall drives are organized around town. The Recall group has been out in force for over a month, in front of grocery stores and walking door-to-door.

Fullerton Police Apologize For Raiding Wrong House

Ed Carrasco

After more than a year without action, the Fullerton Police Department apologized to Robyn Nordell during the Fullerton City Council meeting Tuesday for mistakenly raiding her home in 2009. Acting Police Chief Kevin Hamilton spoke to the Council and admitted that the Police Department was conducting a narcotics unit raid but ended up at the wrong house. He apologized to the Nordell family for what

Training: A Complimentary Piece but Nowhere Near the Root of the Problem

Joey Cadavid

Training is important part of the police department and classes are necessary, however this was not the cause of the problem. If we take officer Rincon as an example; would we really want an officer who needs a class on how to not sexually molest 12 women? (the City has filed the papers to fire him). The officers who attacked Kelly Thomas shot him multiple times in the chest with a taser; they are


Civil Blood on Civil Hands

Mark Stouffer

On Wednesday, 7th, Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, and his attorney Garo Mardirossian presented medical reports from UC Irvine Medical Center showing the injuries that Kelly Thomas suffered during his arrest on July 5th. Mr. Mardirossian said that Kelly Thomas trusted the police. “His father was a police officer. His grandfather was a police officer. His great-grandfather was a police officer

A profile of the Fullerton PD post Kelly Thomas

Kimberly Wolfe

  Questions filled my mind as the death of Kelly Thomas filled the airwaves and the internet. I wanted to know answers to things that were not coming out. More than that though, I wanted to know about the Fullerton police department. Were their jobs unsafe now post Kelly Thomas? How does the public treat them now? I was curious to answer these questions.