Just Thought You Should Know

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A sitcom shot in Fullerton is being launched in January. Just Thought You Should Know is a coming of age story about four friends. The show is the first big project from Unsinkable Productions. The company started as a partnership between Daryl Hutchison and Dimithri Perera; two film students taking classes at Fullerton College. They originally started off doing sketch material. The complete fir

Secret City Comic Society

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How did Secret City Comics Society decide to perform in Fullerton? Many improv groups start in shared locations like restaurants and coffee shops. While looking for rehearsal space, we stumbled upon the Stage One Dance Studio (141 W Wilshire, #A) and they offered to rent out their space to us on the weekend. It soon became a win-win situation. The dance studio could rent out their space when the


Joe Sib’s Tour: California Calling

Alex Stouffer

People don’t see many influential players on stage today giving an audience personal  portrayals of the 80’s punk scene, but Joe Sib has an extensive list of credibility, and a vicious wit added from the perspective of his life. His one man show, California Calling, was performed at Slidebar on the 24th of February.  The opening act was comedian Crazee Cindy  whom Sib met at the Comedy Store in L

“Love Is Blind” Art by D. Castr of Taco Comics

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Q&A: Vince Royale

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How long have you been performing stand-up?

On Tour In Fullerton - Joe Sib: California Calling

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True Stories and Bad Ideas - track 1You’re traditionally used to playing Punk. How easy has the transition into something more theatrical been?

Letters To The Editor – Overnight Parking

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(Written By: The Dentist and His Lady/ Submitted Via: Alex Stouffer) Because we are sick of tickets, we are now parking two blocks from our home in front of another person's home where on this block you CAN park in front of your own home, but so can other people. We are not happy the person's house we are currently parking in front of is not happy. The law was written when people had one car that

Have You heard of Vince Royale?

Elizabeth Cabello

Fullerton has tons of bars, clubs and nightclubs but have you been to the Variety show with Vince Royale yet? Who is Vince Royale? Besides  the co-founder of the production company the, "Lafaholix" he is one of fullerton's local celebrities. Vince Royale has many talents from acting, screen writing and being a Disney Cast Member, and of course stand-up Comedy.

New Blog Section

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Submited by Earl E. Bird:  

Specter Found in Old Photo

Mark Stouffer

photo to the press, he says, because he wants to preserve his claim to authenticity. The image reportedly shows a spectral being moving among some orbs of lights. The slow shutter speed caused distinctive streaking, which the photographer believes can be used to determine authenticity.