Kogi BBQ: Taking Over Southern California

Innovative food truck feeds Fullerton's bar goers

Maurine Herberich

Kogi BBQ's food truck has been visiting Fullerton regularly for about two years now. The brainchild of Mark Manguera, Kogi BBQ's business is remarkable for a variety of reasons. First, Kogi BBQ is beloved by both the general populace of L.A. and surroundings as well as lauded by gourmet food critics. Its co-founder Roy Choi was the first food truck chef to be awarded the honour of "Chef of the

Food Trucks Circle Their Wagons

Mark Stouffer

Thursday nights at Carter Lanes (Lemon and the 91) is the site of the Chuck Wagon food truck gathering. There is a carnival like atmosphere in the parking lot where about six trucks with varying foods form a circle and serve hot fresh variety. All it needs is a juggler or pass-the-hatter to round things out.


A Moveable Feast

Mark Stouffer

Fullerton is becoming a local hub of the food truck craze that is sweeping the nation. Cities from New York to Seattle are trying to balance the interests of established and heavily regulated brick-and-mortar restaurants against the lightly regulated, mobile food services. How is it working out? The public seems to like the trucks. They serve convenient finger food at reasonable prices and they s