El Fortin: A Taste of Oaxaca In Fullerton

Mario Ramirez's Oaxacan Experience

Josue Rivas

As I walked inside Restaurante El Fortin I could not help but to feel like I was stepping into an authentic Oaxacan establishment. The traditional sounds of Oaxacan music welcomed me,while colorful walls and the smell of spices blended with freshly-made tortillas transported me to a Mexican countryside.

Burger Parlor: A Simple Concept At Its Finest

Joseph Mahon Re-Invents An American Staple Taken For Granted.

Alex Stouffer

Burger Parlor's owner, Joseph Mahon, has mastered the art of burger making. Cited by critics for his ability to do the simple things very well, Mahon began focusing on the simplicity of burger building after hosting a successful weekly event titled “Burger Mondays” at Bastide in West Hollywood. Burger Parlor's introduction to Fullerton was originally established as a pop up that rented space fr

Kogi BBQ: Taking Over Southern California

Innovative food truck feeds Fullerton's bar goers

Maurine Herberich

Kogi BBQ's food truck has been visiting Fullerton regularly for about two years now. The brainchild of Mark Manguera, Kogi BBQ's business is remarkable for a variety of reasons. First, Kogi BBQ is beloved by both the general populace of L.A. and surroundings as well as lauded by gourmet food critics. Its co-founder Roy Choi was the first food truck chef to be awarded the honour of "Chef of the


Green Bliss - Thinking Locally

What other local cafes throw coffee-tasting events?

Maurine Herberich

Fullertonians now have another coffeehouse to consider: Green Bliss. As the name might suggest, the owners of Green Bliss are all about keeping it local, organic and seasonal. All of their coffee is roasted in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Redlands, and they get most of their vegetables, fruit and dairy from around here. The interior provides an atmosphere of calm as soon as one steps inside a

Patios In Peril: A Plea

Does Fullerton allow businesses to succeed?While Brea expands their sidewalk dining, what does Fullerton do?

Jinan Montecristo

Al Fresco dining has been an issue in downtown for so many years. As many downtown businesses remember, the city began this process with inviting arms. Then a small business in the downtown area took advantage of the situation and things went beyond the control of the city. At that point, the powers that be decided against outdoor dining all together which went on for about 5 years. A year ago

Rialto’s New Night Menu

Alex Stouffer

Rialto Cafe is changing their game up in 2012 as they introduce a new nightly menu created by former Burger Parlor chef, Noah Shultz. He masterfully innovates even the simplest dishes. Rialto’s Mac N’ Cheese for instance, adds chopped house bacon, and lightly tops it with frosted flakes. The slightly sweetened crunch offsets the texture of cheesy macaroni. Make sure to ask the server what their da

Review: Knowlwood's Idea of Chili Fries

Why spend all that time frying the fries if you are just going to sog them in chili soup?

Mark Stouffer

Why spend all that time frying the fries if you are just going to sog them in chili soup? I like the bowl. It has a large sturdy handle the keeps you from scalding your hand. The chili is not bad. It's got a good flavor and good bean/meat ratio. I like Knowlwood's fries, and the price on this dish isn't even bad.

China Village Review

Alex Stouffer

Sometimes it can be hard to find good Chinese food, and China Village off State College Boulevard seems to be a well kept secret. This small restaurant’s owners personally provide table service and they cook the food fresh without using MSG (upon request). Nothing is served from a heat tray! China Village’s egg drop soup is a satisfying appetizer. The eggs mix to thicken the broth and form thin s

A month of celebration for Angelo's and Vinci's 40th Anniversary

Morgan McLaughlin

For 40 years the Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante vision has been serving great food and good service to the Fullerton community. The City of Fullerton and Fullerton Chamber of Commerce congratulated one of Fullerton's oldest restaurants Wednesday with a ribbon cutting. Family, staff, and community, even TV icon Robert Conrad, were a part of the fun for the afternoon with appetizers, wine tasting

Sweet O Donuts

Rachel Nishimura

Donuts are a universally loved comfort food. They are delicious in every form from the humble boxed Entenmann's to the warm, comforting freshness of a glazed twist right out of the oven. I find most donut shops to be pretty uniform and am usually content to eat anything shaped like a tube that's fried and glazed. Then one day I volunteered to babysit at 6 a.m. and was graciously rewarded with a h

Pita Hot Mediterranean Grill

Alex Stouffer

Food is meant to fill you up, but when it’s the middle of your work day it can seem a little counter-productive to eat something that makes you feel like you want to pass out after. Hot Pita avoids that bloated, sleepy feeling that Boondocks has popularized with the term: "the itis". Mediterranean food is known for being lean, and typically healthier than what’s considered common in the US. Hot Pi


Mestizos Fresh Mexican Grill

Alex Stouffer

Fullerton has a new addition in fresh Mexican food with a California twist. Raymond Griego, Mestizos owner, recently held their grand opening on July 16th, although the business has been operating for a little over a month officially. Griego had a DJ entertain his guests that day as he introduced their menu to a new and enthusiastic audience. Many recipes were honed by his family, but includes a f

Dry Dock Fish Company

Alex Stouffer

Sam Lewis takes pride in being a fish monger. His dad, Mark Lewis, founded Dry Dock Fish Company in 1986. Sam remembers simply, “My dad, in the back of his truck, would buy a fish at the dock and then sell it in the market, and that was it”. Dry Dock has since built up a small, yet reliable network fishermen, and currently they are the only five star rated fish market in Los Angeles and Orange C

SanSai Sushi

Mark Stouffer

SanSai Sushi Japanese Restaurant has chosen Fullerton as the location for a new concept in food services. The new store, called Sansai Sushi & Grill, is a cooler and more open restaurant space. SanSai Japanese Restaurants is a small local chain of more traditional Japanese restaurants, but they decided to try something new with the Sushi & Grill. The layout is clean, comfortable and very modern.

West Coyote Hills project approved by Orange County Airport Land Use Commission

Kimberly Wolfe

 The West Coyote Hills project came one step closer to having a Fullerton city council vote July 12.  The Orange County Airport Land Use Commission unanimously approved the project June 16, which was the last step to bringing the West Coyote Hills project before the Fullerton City Council.

Fine Dining Fast Food

Mark Stouffer

OC native Joseph Mahon, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and was the head chef at Bastide on Melrose has opened a burger joint in downtown Fullerton. After Bastide Mahon did a series of successful pop-up restaurants in LA. The place is called Burger Parlor and it operates in the Rialto Cafe on Harbor and Wilshire after the the Cafe wraps up it’s daily schedule.

Five Guys Burgers

Mark Stouffer

The number of press releases and reviews are what stand out the most about our visit to Five Guys Burgers. The line went out the front door about 30 feet but moved quickly. Five Guys had extra staff for opening day. There were sacks of potatoes lining the entryway and a hand-written sign told us that today’s potatoes came from some small town in Idaho. On the menu each item’s calorie count was di


Farmer’s Market: Spring has Sprung

Mark Stouffer

Fullerton’s annual springtime celebration has arrived. Tomorrow is the opening of the Farmer’s Market and Beer Garden. The event occurs every Thursday to the end of October at the Museum Square on Wilshire. Kids will play in the fountain, the bounce house will be in the park, a band will play on the stage and the Beer Garden will be serving their tasty micro-brew.

The Habit

Mark Stouffer

The Habit Burger (2720 Nutwood Ave.) is a chain that originated up the coast in Santa Barbara in 1969. Their food has that Californian healthy feel to it. Fresh produce tops their burgers and the method of cooking (char-grill) leaves them less greasy. People often try to compare the Habit with In-N-Out burger so we will use that famous benchmark here. The burger patties themselves are comparable,


The Hot Spud!

Alex Stouffer

What’s a Kumpir? Simply put, it’s a Turkish variation of a traditional baked potato. But it isn’t that simple. The style, which originated in Istanbul,  is an innovative approach in how to cook a spud, and Kumpir has become very popular in parts of Europe as fast food. It’s all freshly made right in front of you in an assembly line fashion much like Subway or Chipotle. The Hot spud also sells hot

George’s Hamburgers

Alex Stouffer

The Fullertonian has been distributed at George’s for months, and it’s always packed when we go in, but we’ve never taken the chance to go in and check the place out for ourselves. This week that trend was broken and it conjured up questions of why it had taken so long in the first place. The façade of the place holds a nostalgic appeal reminiscent of an old 50’s style burger stand, and although t

Taqueria De Anda: The $1.25 Experience

Alex Stouffer

Have you found yourself craving cabeza, buche, or lengua tacos? If so, then one of the only spots in Fullerton to get them is at Taqueria De Anda on the corner of Highland Ave. and Valencia. Of course there are more conventional meats for those who are less adventurous, which includes beef, chicken, pork, and Al Pastor (marinated pork). At $1.25 per taco there’s no reason a customer couldn’t be a

Morse Cleaver’s Dive Bar Review: Banana’s Bar & Grill

Alex Stouffer

Tuesday nights have proven to be an interesting night of drinking. There aren’t crowds of hipsters and club kids getting hammered in parking lots before they get into the bar. That sort of activity mainly takes place downtown, so believe that the bars in the outskirts can have this sort of ghost town appeal to them. Bananas Bar & Grill of Raymond Avenue had this appeal as there were only three


Morse Cleaver’s Dive Bar Review: Regaling Tales At Jimmie’s NASCAR Bar

Alex Stouffer

Tucked into the industrial park off of State College Blvd., South of Commonwealth Ave., is a small bar called Jimmie’s. They serve sixteen ounce domestic drafts for $3, and bottles of Newcastle are only $4.50. The jukebox was playing just about the entire Recovery album from Eminem, which would have been enjoyable if it weren’t accompanied by the incessant reminder from the drunk girl at the


Mulberry Street

Mark Stouffer

With a charming and intimate setting Mulberry Street is an excellent place to dine any night of the week. White table cloths and clean white shirts with ties set the theme. The wait-staff is very professional and helpful. We dined on last Friday night and the place was hopping. All the seats were taken at the bar and most of the tables were full, but we had made reservations and they sat us right